Not a Survivor

During times of meditation, God gave me a message to pass on:  He does not want us to be survivors in this life; He earnestly desires for us to become what He made us to be…CONQUERORS.  The Holy Spirit came to me in all gentleness and impressed this word on my heart: “I love you…I… More Not a Survivor


  We have scars physically and emotionally. The scars heal on our body, some we remember what happened and some we don’t.  Some are deeper and some are shallow.  Emotional scars are similar.  Some are very deep and some aren’t.  Some we caused and some were caused by others.  We all have a story.  Here… More Scars

Neon Idol

“And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made…” -“The Sound of Silence”, Simon and Garfunkel Yesterday I was talking with Laura, and and we got on the topic of what my ideal home looks like, and by extension, what my ideal life looks like. I described to her a house, away… More Neon Idol

Beyond the Sunset

Our human nature likes to have things happen on its own template of timing and process.  Many times we act as though God has no clue about our concerns, and that we need to beg, fast, worship, or do any other number of things to placate Him, overcome His perceived reluctance, maneuver Him into granting… More Beyond the Sunset