The Day After

“When the Lord made a covenant with the Israelites, he commanded them. “Do not worship any other gods or bow to them, serve them, or sacrifice to them. But the Lord, who brought you up out of Egypt with might power and outstretched arm is the one you must worship. To Him you shall bow… More The Day After

Choosing Sides

I made the decision to follow Christ 30 years ago this month. I was 9 years old at the time. I wasn’t forced. It wasn’t shoved down my throat. I wasn’t scared into it. It happened as I was being read the story of the crucifixion of Christ. There came a point that I just… More Choosing Sides

Storm Music

 God gives us choices in the midst of inevitable storms in our lives.  While those tempests will vary in intensity and frequency, as His child, we are given the freedom to choose how to think about them, what to name them, how to frame them in our hearts and minds.  Then our souls can be… More Storm Music

A Cold Gray Day

I came home from work today and Suzanne asked if it was raining outside, I said a light drizzle, and her response was that it was just ‘a cold gray day’.  Now I’m not a weather whiner, you know the type (you may be one), it’s always either too hot, too cold, too wet or… More A Cold Gray Day


Rabbi’s, back in the days of old, had a process in taking on a disciple.  I am going to list the three sections followed in discipling.  This wasn’t a month or two long process, this process begun at the age of 6 and up to as young as 14. Section 1: Bet Safar Typically from the… More Dust

Painful Promises

It’s the middle of February, so I thought that I’d write something about love, but honestly, I’m just not feeling it. I’m sure that will come at another time, but for today I have something else brewing. I do have a point. It’s just takes me a bit to get there, so please bear with… More Painful Promises