I walk 3.4 miles every day at the LC Greenway. I absolutely look forward to these daily walks, both physically and spiritually.  It’s a good time to enjoy my surroundings, pray and meditate on the things of God.  So off I go every day, Monday thru Friday, with my pepper spray in my pocket and … More Focus

Peace Like a River

Have you ever looked at a river? I mean really looked at one…its nature, its flow, its changeability yet still remaining the same?  Rivers overflow, meander peacefully, rush down in white water rapids, pool deeply, wear mighty boulders down to pebbles, while gently feeding tremendous trees, providing a wonderfully nourishing environment for plants and wildlife. … More Peace Like a River

Birds of Pray!

In 1976 I found myself stationed at RAF Bentwaters Air Force Base in the U.K. On this particular day I was working at the end of the runway where we were checking our fighter jets for one last time before takeoff.The base was close to the English Channel so seagulls were an ever present reality, as was the threat they … More Birds of Pray!

Stand Strong

The Christian walk is a tremendous journey.  Following Christ is the most important decision a person will make, and it is this walk with Him that enables us to overcome the challenges and storms that we encounter in our lives. Truly living for Christ and walking with Him each day makes the difference as to … More Stand Strong

A Prayer

On March 19th, I had the pleasure of being allowed to go over to the Loudon County Jail to minister to the inmates who could make it to chapel. The other days a week the recreation room is just that, but on those Thursday nights, it’s church. Every time I’ve been there God always shows … More A Prayer

Heal Me

“Heal me so I may find you.” ~Nick Rains It is like God himself placed the words right into my very soul. I am searching. Asking God to speak to me. Pleading with Him. I want you, Lord. But, I can’t find you. Am I looking in the wrong places? Am I deaf to your … More Heal Me

#Encore: Bedtime Story

  Welcome to the Rhapsody #Encore. On Fridays we will be reposting some of our readers most favorite posts. Todays repost is Bedtime Story from March 2011 There once was a little girl named little Lonnie. Little Lonnie worked with a group of little Larry’s, little Suzies and tiny Betsy’s. The little tiny’s all worked together … More #Encore: Bedtime Story