I walk 3.4 miles every day at the LC Greenway. I absolutely look forward to these daily walks, both physically and spiritually.  It’s a good time to enjoy my surroundings, pray and meditate on the things of God.  So off I go every day, Monday thru Friday, with my pepper spray in my pocket and... Continue Reading →


Take Care of Your Temple

Sometime last fall during our drought in East Tennessee, I had heard on the news that the birds were in desperate need of places to clean their feathers. Due to all of the brush fires in the surrounding area, their feathers were covered in ash. Doing my part as a bird lover, I dug out... Continue Reading →

Spiritual Syzygy

 Syzygy…the aligning of three astronomical objects.  It’s a rare occurrence from our viewpoint here on earth.  God spoke to my heart about this through the recent news about the “supermoon” we are about to experience in our sky.  This supermoon has not happened since 1948…70 years, and will not come again until 2034.  I was... Continue Reading →

Programming….what if?

Programming…it’s part of our lives wherever we turn from day one.  If we truly confront our real selves, getting down to the “nitty-gritty” shall we say…what would we find?  To our chagrin, we might find that we have been sheeple, following whatever ideology is popular when we are passing through time.  We do not believe... Continue Reading →


Rabbi’s, back in the days of old, had a process in taking on a disciple.  I am going to list the three sections followed in discipling.  This wasn’t a month or two long process, this process begun at the age of 6 and up to as young as 14. Section 1: Bet Safar Typically from the... Continue Reading →

Neon Idol

“And the people bowed and prayed, to the neon god they made…” -"The Sound of Silence", Simon and Garfunkel Yesterday I was talking with Laura, and and we got on the topic of what my ideal home looks like, and by extension, what my ideal life looks like. I described to her a house, away... Continue Reading →

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