Angela Stolpe
Angela Stolpe

I am passionate about my faith, my marriage and my family. I love running, hiking and camping. I love books and coffee. I am a part of the leadership team at Canvas Church and feel blessed by every moment God gives me to be a part of His amazing plan.

Website: Wide Open Spaces

Twitter: @blessedamerican

Ashleigh McClain

Hey all. I’m Ashleigh. I have a heart for God, and I am doing my best to chase Him with all my might. I’ve been a Christian since I was 15 and I have grown in spurts ever since, but only since 2010 did I start chasing Him and not turning back. I encourage everyone who reads my blogs, or any of the Canvas blogs for that matter to read with an open heart and mind as we are all just instruments that God uses to deliver the beautiful Rhapsody that is His love story to us all.

Website: Ashleigh’s Antics

Twitter: @thebeardswife

Denise Chambellan

Jesus is still teaching me what it means to walk with Him and abide in Him even though I was saved many years ago now. He helps me to stay in His Word and in unceasing conversation with Him, meditating on what He says to me. Sometimes He gives me Words or visions for other people. Jesus has blessed me with a son and now two granddaughters, in addition to my church family. I am more grateful to Him than is possible to put into words!

Dolly Acosta

A wife, Mom, Daughter of the King and a recovering Spiritual Know it all. After spending 13 years in VA my husband and I are following God’s call and have relocated to TN.

Janean Thorne
Janean Johnson

I’m stubborn, independent, and tenacious to name a few things. I love my space and therefore love to be outside. I enjoy moving, breathing, and experiencing life through my five senses. Learning the beautiful complexity of marriage. Love being a mother to my son. I don’t have it all together, but I want to. Mostly, I want to be tight with God and live my life in a way that reflects that relationship.

Twitter: @JaneanThorne



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