Change.  It used to be that I was not only unafraid of change, but energized by it!  All I could envision were new possibilities and the creative energy with which I could meet the emerging challenges.  At this moment, I’m in the midst of the most perplexing transformations of my life. This time, it feels … More Lost

Time Freak

I am a freak about time. I love schedules and time management systems. I am the one who thinks 15 min early to an appointment is on time but 10 min early is running late. It may not surprise you to know that “quality time” is also my love language. But as I type this … More Time Freak

Beyond the Sunset

Our human nature likes to have things happen on its own template of timing and process.  Many times we act as though God has no clue about our concerns, and that we need to beg, fast, worship, or do any other number of things to placate Him, overcome His perceived reluctance, maneuver Him into granting … More Beyond the Sunset

What If

What if, just what if the mountain that you’ve spoken to, IN FAITH, still doesn’t move? What you’re standing in  front a body of water that you can’t seem to cross….you step out….and fall right in? What if the giant you’ve been fighting JUST WON’T FALL? What if you’ve been praying and asking for healing … More What If

No Erasers

When I was in high school, I took an art class.  In the course of that class, the teacher gave us a drawing exercise that was fairly complicated for the beginners we were, yet threw a curve at us.  She took away our erasers!  She instructed us to simply “draw over” any mistakes, lines that … More No Erasers