Permission to Fail

Here we are closing in on the end of February, aka the longest and shortest month of the year. I’m not sure why it always feels so daunting. Maybe it’s the moment we have to be honest with ourselves about our new year goals and resolutions. What? Oh, yeah… you know what I’m talking about. … More Permission to Fail

Perfect & Unashamed

In my lifetime the standard of beauty has varied widely. From stick thin Kate Moss to big booty Kim Kardashein. I want to know, has anyone ever stopped to wonder what Eve looked like? I think it is significant that in the Bible there is no account of her looks. Adam was given a woman … More Perfect & Unashamed

Memories Matter

I am big on “making memories.”   I love to do things or make things that create a memory for someone I know and love.  I make “no bakes” for my boys and their families. That’s our thing. When I’m dead and gone they’ll remember my “no bakes.”  I love family meals. And right now … More Memories Matter

God not god

Last night I laid in bed with the brain working full time still. I tell my brain…I say “slow down dude, it’s time for sleep”. But, all in all I had this on my heart. Examining my life and thinking about what gaps may be between my Savior and I and asking God to forgive … More God not god