Memories Matter

memoriesI am big on “making memories.”   I love to do things or make things that create a memory for someone I know and love.  I make “no bakes” for my boys and their families. That’s our thing. When I’m dead and gone they’ll remember my “no bakes.”  I love family meals. And right now life is so busy that we have set dates for our Rains Family Meal so that we can all just be together. Creating a memory. Philip and I love taking our grandkids to the zoo, or Sonic, or whatever they may enjoy. Creating a memory. Memories matter.

When I was little my grandfather would sneak me a Hershey’s With Almonds candy bar just before we’d leave his house for the weekend.  A good memory. That is still my favorite candy bar.  I can still remember the day my parents gave their hearts to the Lord in church. I was a very small child.  An important memory. As a young boy Nicolas would go steal flowers from someone else’s yard and bring them to me with a sweet smile on his face. Sweet memory for me, but not the neighbor! Having a fourth son when the entire church thought “it must be a girl since it’s a miracle birth,” but when I saw the sweet baby boy he was perfect. A precious memory. Memories matter.

We all realize that not all memories are good. Some are bad. Some can destroy us. Some we want to cast into the sea of forgetfulness. We can all remember when someone has done something or said something to cause us pain. A hurtful memory. At the same time, we can remember times when we perhaps said something to cause someone else pain. Bad memory. You can remember instances in school when you were humiliated and made to feel small. Bad memory. Maybe you remember the times that you were the giver of the bad memory. Hard to live with. Memories Matter.

The things we say and do in life leave a mark. Those around us listen and are effected by who we are and what we do. It’s very important that we purposely live life in a manner that others can draw something positive from. Become a memory maker. Positive memory maker. Do something for others that when they think of you, they will be blessed and remember the good that was done. Take time for someone hurting, or someone in need, and fill a void that makes a difference in their lives. Memories matter.

Making a memory doesn’t have to always be a huge deal.  Sometimes doing something little can be major when it’s repeated time and time again. Children look forward to repeated surprises or happenings. Adults love it when someone takes time to attend to their need, or maybe just surprising them with something fun. Living a life that inspires and points others toward Christ is definitely a valuable memory maker that makes a difference for them for years to come.

Memories can be life defining. I remember my Daddy Johnse (paternal grandfather) would take off walking to church if he thought we were making him late to church. As a child this impressed upon me the importance of church.  My father-in-law, VB Rains, didn’t realize I was sitting behind him when, after many years of being unable to walk, prayed aloud “Lord, just help me to get up out of this chair and walk!” Hearing those words, and treasuring those words, have sparked faith in me many times during my Christian journey. Memories matter.

Several years ago while sitting at my desk, I suddenly received a text of “a flower.” A beautiful little flower. Nicholas was out West on a trip, climbing a mountain, and when he found this little flower growing in the mist of hard rock, he sent me the picture because he too remembered that him sending me flowers made important memories for me. Memories matter.

Take time to be a Memory Maker. Whether it is creating something fun for those you love, or making a spiritual difference in someone who is struggling. Things we say and do will be remembered by those around us. I feel strongly that we can make an impact on lives if we intentionally try to bless them. It can be a turning point for them, or just provide them with a bag full of memories that they cherish. Memories matter.



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