The book of Hebrews tells me that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, and although I heartily accept the badge that denotes me as a person of faith I have to be honest and admit that just like most of us, my faith tank needs topping off... Continue Reading →


Are You Waiting for a Promise?

 I have been waiting to see God’s promises for a LONNNG time. I know that some of you may be in that same place.  I have promises and prophetic words some as old as 20 years and some only a few months that I have not yet seen come. I sometimes grow weary in the waiting... Continue Reading →

Press In

One year ago, I experienced several injuries back to back. As I reflect over that time, I’ve taken many lessons away from those injuries. First, never wear sandals in the rain. You may slip while getting into a vehicle and break a toe. Second, never, and I do mean never, wear socks or long pants... Continue Reading →

Programming….what if?

Programming…it’s part of our lives wherever we turn from day one.  If we truly confront our real selves, getting down to the “nitty-gritty” shall we say…what would we find?  To our chagrin, we might find that we have been sheeple, following whatever ideology is popular when we are passing through time.  We do not believe... Continue Reading →

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