Stand Strong

The Christian walk is a tremendous journey.  Following Christ is the most important decision a person will make, and it is this walk with Him that enables us to overcome the challenges and storms that we encounter in our lives. Truly living for Christ and walking with Him each day makes the difference as to … More Stand Strong

Press In

One year ago, I experienced several injuries back to back. As I reflect over that time, I’ve taken many lessons away from those injuries. First, never wear sandals in the rain. You may slip while getting into a vehicle and break a toe. Second, never, and I do mean never, wear socks or long pants … More Press In

Storm Music

 God gives us choices in the midst of inevitable storms in our lives.  While those tempests will vary in intensity and frequency, as His child, we are given the freedom to choose how to think about them, what to name them, how to frame them in our hearts and minds.  Then our souls can be … More Storm Music

Painful Promises

It’s the middle of February, so I thought that I’d write something about love, but honestly, I’m just not feeling it. I’m sure that will come at another time, but for today I have something else brewing. I do have a point. It’s just takes me a bit to get there, so please bear with … More Painful Promises

Fight or Flight

I am, by nature, a scrappy person. You wouldn’t know it, off handedly. I hate confrontation. I’m very timid. I don’t want to create drama. But there is something in me that chooses to fight. In spite of my small stature, I’ve on more than one occasion had my fist drawn, stood between a bully … More Fight or Flight

What If

What if, just what if the mountain that you’ve spoken to, IN FAITH, still doesn’t move? What you’re standing in  front a body of water that you can’t seem to cross….you step out….and fall right in? What if the giant you’ve been fighting JUST WON’T FALL? What if you’ve been praying and asking for healing … More What If