Poker Table

From the first time I heard the word, perspicacity, I was intrigued by it, because it encompasses several important abilities that we as followers of Christ should either possess or strive to posses. The simple definition is keenness of mental perception and understanding; discernment; penetration. The way it was presented to me was simply understanding... Continue Reading →

Are You Waiting for a Promise?

 I have been waiting to see God’s promises for a LONNNG time. I know that some of you may be in that same place.  I have promises and prophetic words some as old as 20 years and some only a few months that I have not yet seen come. I sometimes grow weary in the waiting... Continue Reading →

Heal Me

“Heal me so I may find you.” ~Nick Rains It is like God himself placed the words right into my very soul. I am searching. Asking God to speak to me. Pleading with Him. I want you, Lord. But, I can’t find you. Am I looking in the wrong places? Am I deaf to your... Continue Reading →

I Am Found

Who Me? Over the last 3 weeks, the God of the Universe has spoken to me so directly and so personally, that I legitimately started to doubt my sanity. The God, who at times seems as distant as the galaxy yet other times feels closer than the very skin I live in, spoke to me.... Continue Reading →

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