You are Loved

  "How bold one gets when one is sure of being loved." ~Sigmund Freud    I have always considered the idea of teaching as a career, but I remember the day that I definitively made up my mind to pursue it.  I worked at a financial institution and was waiting on a man who seemed... Continue Reading →

Certainty for the New Year

A brand new year is here, once again.  And as every year, we all look to the new year with much anticipation and hope.  Many people resolve to make changes, usually for self-improvement, because they see the year before them as a book of empty pages, on which can be written a new story.  ... Continue Reading →

Perfect Love

I am going to say something that is meant to be encouraging but will not seem as such at first:  you will never be good enough for God’s love.  You can never be or do anything to deserve it.  We are all flawed, imperfect, and totally incapable of fixing ourselves.  And His love is so... Continue Reading →

Mended Vessels

 We have all been broken at some point or another.  The world can be a harsh place, disregarding our fragility, and treating us as it will.  Like clay vessels, we get used, sometimes abused and mistreated, or are subject to accidents.  We end up shattered--our hearts, our minds, our bodies.  We superficially mend ourselves, putting... Continue Reading →

A Healthy Body

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court decision, I was rather shocked by something I witnessed (thanks to social media and the internet):  Christians being attacked…by other Christians.  I expected that from nonbelievers or the world in general, but not from brothers and sisters in Christ. Now call me a hypochondriac, but I am... Continue Reading →

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