For those of you reading this that may be feeling a bit empty, I want to speak this scripture over you right now:

Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

“All the stuff your doing, what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it until you allow God to fill that void in your life.  All the things you’re trying to fill the void with, it’s only God’s place.” Ivy Reid

I want to share something that someone shared this past Saturday night during our Men’s worship night. During our prayer time, Jamin spoke up about an experience he had with God. He was talking about how he was sitting and listening to What Would You Do by Elevation Worship. He thought about the lyrics and decided to get on his face before the Lord as if God had walked right into the room. Jamin felt God telling him that He didn’t want him on his face on the floor but that He wanted Jamin to hug Him. God desires a relationship with us. Yes, we should spend time on our face before the Lord. That is vital, but more than anything, God wants us in His arms. We were created for this. So, when we are searching for anything other than HIM we feel emptiness. Why? Because there is nothing that can fill emptiness besides our Lord and Savior.

It’s not just non-believers who battle this emptiness. We all do at times, but we must understand that if we are battling this feeling of emptiness then that means there is something missing in our hearts. It’s on US, not God. God is always there with open arms saying, “I just want to hold you”. It’s easy to lose focus. It’s easy to put our attention on other things. If you are feeling that right now, I would encourage you to refocus. Crawl up in Abba’s lap, and just enjoy His company. You were created with a desire to WORSHIP. Now, that was originally intended to be pointed at our Creator, but too often we point it at worldly things, even people. When we decide to offer God our complete, undivided Worship, we experience a fullness in Him. We experience a peace that cannot be matched – peace that cannot be undone as long as we are focused on HIM. Only He can fill that void.

Maybe it’s not an emptiness you feel right now but rather a CHAOS in your life.

I have A.D.D. This is something so many people think is fake, but I assure you, it’s real. Focus is an everyday battle for me. I mean, it’s all-out war day-in and day-out for me to stay focused. One thing that I can’t handle is being in large crowds. I can deal with it for a period of time but there comes a point where I have to escape. It’s like when you turn the volume up REALLY loud in a room, and you can’t really focus in on anything other than the noise. That’s how it feels in my head. It feels like complete chaos in my head and I hate it. For some of you that is life right now. No accountability. No structure. No goals. Just chaos. No anchor. No peace. Just complete and utter chaos. You feel like you are continuously falling down the rabbit whole with no end in sight. Life feels that way for a lot of people right now.

2 Timothy 1:7 “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Power. Love. Self-control. Focus in on HIM. In the midst of the noise, He will provide you with peace. Remember, His voice is the voice that can tell the wind and wave to stop, and they will listen and obey. Maybe you just need to learn to trust Him with it all. Maybe it’s time for you to just shut your eyes, tune out the noise, and fall right into His arms.

“We’re not going to go back. We going to take these things and move forward. We’re going to see God in everything, and we’re going to trust Him!”
Zack Reid

Don’t look back. Don’t look to the side. Just move forward towards HIM. Pastor Nick used the example of Peter walking on water. Maybe it’s time to take your focus off of the wind and waves and on to the One who controls the wind and waves. In that moment, chaos becomes peace when you lock eyes with the Savior.

So, here is my challenge to you today. Maybe you’re battling that feeling of emptiness in your life, like something is missing. Or, perhaps things are completely chaotic right now, and you just need some rest and peace. My challenge is for you to find a quiet place and just lock eyes with our Savior. Jump in His arms and sit in His presence. I’m not saying it will all go away immediately. However, if you make a habit in chasing after Him, He will give you a peace and a joy that cannot be stolen from you. There is a song called “When I Lock Eyes With You” by Maverick City. I want to encourage you to listen to it. If you’re going to fight, fight to just lock eyes with our King, the Lover of our souls, the Creator of all things, our Redeemer. He is with you and if you can listen you will be able to hear Him say:

“I just want to hold you” There’s nothing better than that. Focus in on Him. He will give you a peace that drowns out the chaos. He will give you a joy that fill the overflow your spirit. Just crawl up in His arms, and lock eyes with Him.

~ Janean

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