Greater things are still to come

Oh, I believe

These are lyrics from the song My Testimony by Elevation Worship that we will be doing in two weeks. We are starting a new series called Testimony where Nick is going to be talking about our testimonies. Your testimony is so important. You can hear it in this scripture:

Revelation 12:11 says, “And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.”

The word of your testimony is huge. It’s not to be held in your pocket like a trinket. The point is not to discuss the testimony in and of itself—it’s about the verse above. GOD. IS. NOT. DONE. WITH. YOU. “If I’m not dead, You’re not done. Greater things are still to come. Oh, I believe.” Do you believe it, or do you think God saved you just so you could sit in the corner and hold onto your trinket? Here are a few things to think on:

1.  Our salvation is not yet complete. One day, our God will return for us and save us, once and for all, from the claws of sin and death. We will get to spend eternity with Him face to face. No pain. No sadness. No death. I can’t wait!!!! Too many Christians sit in a corner holding their trinket and forget that this fight is not over. They still have a purpose. God is not finished working in and through us. Until the day that He comes again, we are to bleed, sweat, and fight for the Kingdom of God. Then, we can rest in the fullness of His glory, but our salvation will not be complete until He returns. Until then, we MUST remember to share our testimonies and brag about the goodness of God.

2.  This isn’t about ME. I think it is easy, when talking about our testimony, to get fixed on ME, ME, ME. Yes, there is an aspect of it that is obviously about us. I mean, God pulled us out of the mud and mire and put a new song in our mouth’s (Psalm 40:1), but it should not stop there. We find joy and hope in the fact that God pulled us out of that slimy pit. However, if we treat that like a trinket and put it in our pockets, we take for granted the gift that He has given us. We should brag about this and shout it from the rooftops. I wrote a song years ago called Here and Yet to Come. It’s a song worshiping God for what’s to come—that He said He would return for us, and we can’t wait to share the Good News. The second verse is about waiting for that time. I am not just going to sit and wait. I am going to share His love and hope with the world and bring as many with me as possible. I am going to brag about all He has done for me, point to Him, and bring the lost to life. It isn’t about ME. It’s about HIM and HIS Kingdom.

3.  He’s Not Done With You. I love Psalm 40:1 because it isn’t only that God pulls us out of a tricky situation. He also puts a new song in our mouth’s. He gives us JOY, like a Father picking up his son after falling and hurting himself. What we must understand is that God didn’t just leave it there. He is continuing to speak, guide, teach, and love. We just have to stop and listen. Your testimony isn’t a FINAL DESTINATION. It’s part of the story of yours, your brother’s, your and sister’s redemption. Think of it like this: If something awesome happens to you, do you just hold onto it and not tell anyone? You received a promotion at work, learned a new riff on your guitar, bought a cool new piece of equipment, got a great achievement on a game, took an amazing trip somewhere, fell in love, did a back flip, etc. You get my point. When something great happens, you post in social media. You text it. You brag about it. Here is the beautiful thing about God. He saved you. He pulled you out of the mud and mire, and He is still pouring into you. He is still saving you. He is still wanting to teach you and walk beside you. He isn’t done with you. This is something worth bragging about and begs the question:

Why don’t we?

For the next little bit I want to challenge you to do something. When you wake up in the morning quote this verse in this song.

If I’m not dead, You’re not done

Greater things are still to come

Oh, I believe

The I BELIEVE is important here. Sometimes, the little lyrics in a song are the ones we should pay attention to. “I believe” would be easy to pass over as a lyric in the bridge, but it ties it all in. Do you believe this? Do you believe that God is still working in you? Do you believe that God is still speaking? If you don’t hear Him, then let me tell you…it isn’t HIM that is missing. He is speaking. You just may not be listening. Do you believe He is right beside You enjoying life with you? On the mountain tops and in the valleys low, He is with You, and He isn’t done with you. Do you believe that?

So again, repeat the verse of this song each morning and ask God to help you believe. Just as the father of the son asked of Christ in Mark 9:24 “I believe, help my unbelief,” and live in that truth. I am not saying “You do you,” or “live your truth.” I am saying live THE Truth. There is only one Truth, and that is Christ. The fact is that He is still using you, and He is still with you.

He’s not done with you.

~ Jerod

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