I have often said that I see worship as this thing of Rhythm. And what I mean by that is the more we worship the more in rhythm our hearts become with God’s heart. The more our mind and soul begins to flow with HIS. We live in a world right now that is only reacting on feelings and emotions. There doesn’t seem to be much logic and rational being used. There’s a lot of “you do you” or “do what makes you happy”. What I see and hear a lot, not literally but figurately, is “do what brings you the most glory”. To me, a heart that seeks ONLY happiness and the validation of it’s feelings is a heart not FULLY seeking God. We are not called to be happy. We are called to make disciples. Sometimes that means seasons of struggle and maybe even discontentment. It may mean not feeling happy at times. But, rest assured: if you are seeking HIM. If your eyes are on HIM. If your heart is beating in rhythm with HIS heart then you will have joy. You will be beating in rhythm with the Prince of peace. But, we must turn our eyes to Him first and foremost. We must grab hold of what it means to live a lifestyle of worship for our King.

We are not called to live by feelings but by faith


So, are you allowing YOUR feelings to control every aspect of your life? Or are you seeking HIS glory, HIS desires, HIS “happiness”, HIS entertainment, etc. What matters more to you? Listen, I am not saying you have to be miserable to follow Christ. There is nothing better than a life lived for Him. All I am saying is that if you are allowing your “heart” to lead you every step of the way then you are going to miss it. As Jeremiah said:

Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?”

Your heart cannot be trusted 100%. But, a heart that is completely soaked in the Spirit of God. A heart that is 100% ALL-IN with Christ is a heart that doesn’t have to be trusted. Because all you have to do is trust HIM. All you have to do is walk like Him, talk like Him, look like Him, BE LIKE HIM.

At some point: as you worship day-in and day-out you will begin to just WANT more. More. MORE of Him and His Spirit. Remember, we aren’t here for ourselves. We weren’t created so that we could experience life only the way we want to experience life. It’s ok to have desires and things you want to accomplish. We aren’t robots. But, at the same time, our NUMBER 1 HAS to be Him and His Kingdom. Too many Christians get so excited when you quote the “seek first the Kingdom of God” scripture but then don’t ever really live it out. Do you really understand what that means? KINGDOM FIRST. That means above your feelings. Above your desires.

I am concerned we have allowed matters of the heart to simply be us fumbling and feeling around a dark room. What if….just….WHAT IF God is completely in control of our hearts? Our feelings. Our emotions. How different would the world be right now? As believers we MUST look to Jesus first and foremost and then everything else falls under that. So, how much real estate does God occupy within your heart? Are you leasing space out to other desires and wants? Or are you allowing God to occupy 100% of the space? Which then allows you to put a “NO VACANCIES” sign up keeping any distractions out. Ok, that is cheesy but you get my point.

At the end of the day our faith has to be stronger than our feelings. Your feelings will deceive you. They aren’t always TRUTH. Faith allows you to keep on going even when you FEEL the world is against you. Even when you don’t FEEL God you KNOW He is there all the same. Even when you don’t FEEL loved by others you KNOW that God is there loving on you every step of the way. Even when you FEEL less than and unwanted you KNOW that God is there with open arms lifting you up. At the end of the day our faith pushes us through our feelings. And if we allow God to HAVE IT ALL then there will never be a question of where we stand when it comes to how much space God occupies within our hearts. Go all-in. God will never let you down, I promise.

~ Jerod

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