Have you ever gotten fed up with how long God was taking to answer you and you get to the point where you just ask the question: Are You even listening? I think we all have. This past week Pastor Nick dug into Habakkuk 1 where Habakkuk went to God in frustration and desperation. Now, I want to point out that a lot of Churches today teach that you should never question God. I guess God would get offended or something? But, I don’t believe questioning God is a bad thing. It’s what you do with your questions. One thing Pastor Nick talked about was that we will have the questions and doubts. But, what matters most is that we always keep pressing to God. Keep your eyes on Him. Even in the questioning.

“It is not as a child that I believe and confess Jesus Christ. My Hosanna is born of a furnace of doubt.” – Fyodor Dostoyevski

We can gain stronger faith by going to God with the questions and doubts. Let me tell you a secret…There are no questions too big for God. Do you actually think you have a question that will stump God? A question that He hasn’t heard before? NO. He knows your thoughts. So, do you think that you are keeping it secret from God? That if you don’t utters the words…WHY!?!?!? then you will sneak one past him? Not at all. I think God is flattered by our honesty. By our trusting Him with our frustrations. Read through the Psalms. David has so many doubts and frustrations. So many of the Psalms were lamentations. But, if you pay attention; so many times David would end the Psalm by going back to the fact that God is….God. God WHY does life SUCK right now?!?!?! But, I know You are here and will guide me through it. There is power in this. It’s relational. You are being open with God and trusting Him at the same time.

Now, there are a lot of you asking God…”what the heck is going on right now?” There is a lot of chaos right now in our country. In the midst of it all we need to stay the course. The point of this blog today is not to tell you not to question God. I do not buy into the notion that Christians should keep our secret thoughts from God. As we cannot. Rather, go to God with your frustration. Your doubt. Your fear. Your confusion. And, press into Him with it. Trust Him with it. I know it’s not that easy but I promise you that if you give Him a chance you will NOT be disappointed. So, ask the question if you feel it. God, are you even listening? But, be open to what He might have to say. Maybe He is speaking and YOU are not the one listening. Maybe you don’t like the answer He is giving you. So, TRUST Him.

Lastly, do you believe God is still in control? One thing Pastor Nick said this past week was that God is not surprised with everything going on. He is not STUMPED. NO!!! He is still in control. Do you believe it? And if so, you are within His grip. And He will get you through. Be honest with Him. Trust Him. He will not disappoint you. I promise!!!!!

~ Jerod

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