Good morning my family!  I hope all is well and everyone is healthy.  I have been thinking a lot about something.  At this point, all we hear about is Coronavirus.  Everyone making sure their hands are clean.  Keeping our distance.  We are going extreme measures to make sure that we protect our homes.  I am not saying this with a sarcastic or disapproving tone.  Please understand that.  I agree we need to do these things.  That is not my point in this blog.  My point is this….

The same way that we are FIGHTING to avoid and keep our homes from the Coronavirus we should fight the same way to protect our hearts against sin.  There are so many Christians right now that won’t leave the home because they are scared to get this virus.  Yet, they take no measures to protect their heart against sin.  I have heard so many times over the last few weeks, “Why take the risk?”.  Now, again, I AGREE.  But, I would be willing to say the vast majority of Christians do not take that same mindset towards sin. For example, are we taking a risk for sin with the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the conversations we have with people at work, the sites we visit online, etc?  Why don’t we have the same urgency in our walk with God when dealing with sin?

We will avoid talking to people or touching things.  We wash our hands ten million times to avoid coronavirus.  But, we then defend our lifestyle because it is what is comfy to us.  There is a reason I try and protect what I watch in movies.  Before we watch a movie or TV show I am on IMDB checking the parental guide.  As a man, I do not want to watch things with nudity and sexuality.  I do not want that temptation.  I am a lover of music.  I am moved by it.  I used to listen to a lot of dark stuff.  The reason I listen to mostly worship is if I know that my heart is moved by it why would I allow something damaging in?  I am not one of those Christians that says to only listen to Christian music or watch only Christian movies.  Listen, I am a firm believer in the saying “just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD”.  There is a war going on for YOUR soul.  WHY RISK IT?

Now, we can’t live life AVOIDING SIN.  Rather, we live life in the Spirit and we won’t WANT to please our flesh.  We are going to sin.  We are going to mess up.  But again, why risk it?  Living above reproach shouldn’t just be a mindset for leaders.  It should be our mindset as sons and daughters of the living God.  We want to please HIM and Him above all else.  Listen, if we live to please our own needs we are not living to please HIS.  I have said it a million times and will say it a million more.  A heart of Worship is when our hearts begin to beat in rhythm with His.  We are then more worried about living for HIS entertainment.  HIS glory.  HIS desires.  HIS needs.  HIS everything.  It becomes less about avoiding people and washing our hands.  More about pointing to HIM and being like HIM.  Sin is inevitable.  None of us are perfect.  But, again I ask…

Why risk it?

When we sin we get back up and keep running towards Him.  So let’s make choices that point to Him and not our own feelings and desires.  Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  The Coronavirus has been devastating and I am not by any means downplaying the affect of it on our Economy and how serious we should take it.  I am only saying that as serious as we take it we should take sin a million times more serious.  Sin affects the soul.  So again….

What are you risking just so you can do what you want?
What are you risking to please the heart of God?

~ Jerod

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