It was quite the gloomy morning as I sat at my desk to begin the workday. I scoured over emails grumbling to myself in disapproval over every aspect of the morning and about how much I was already behind. I quickly dove into a woe is me mentality despite the overflow of blessings in my life and was inadvertently foreshadowing my day with this attitude. “Such a spoiled brat” I thought to myself, realizing my folly. I carried on with my ridiculousness despite this self-revelation. My thoughts drifted to someone from the past that I knew as an acquaintance, and in ministry. Isn’t it interesting how our string of thoughts leads us from one mind destination to another? I do not envy the poor soul who would dare to try to navigate my spaghetti noodle pathway of thoughts. Oh wait! God has blessed my wonderful husband with this task. But I digress.

 In my sour demeanor I began to “lovingly” pick apart this brother/sister in Christ. I allowed feelings of doubt and judgment to begin whispering their all too familiar tune. “I would have done it this way”, “Well, maybe that was not the best approach they should have taken”, blah, blah, blah.  This is when the Spirit began to illustrate a familiar example of something basic that I already had some experience and understanding of.

 I would describe myself as a tiny person who thoroughly enjoys lifting very heavy objects in a careful manner. Why? There would be a lot of answers to this question that we can save for another predictlable “work out post or blog”. As for now just picture me as a Chihuahua trying to lift a tank. I love powerlifting. My former coach and current lifting mentor is about the same size, but more developed athletically. She would stand under the weight, place it on her shoulders and squat it flawlessly. She made it look so easy.  I would grow encouraged by watching this and would approach the bar with gusto. Under I went, bar on shoulders, walking it out, down and then down I went again…. I would completely collapse under the weight. I wasn’t ready for it. I thought I could do it. I thought I knew. I thought. I thought. I thought. What I knew to be true in the case of my coach is that she had struggled for many years to carry the weight the way that she did, and I could not expect to do this in a short period of time. Well there’s one lesson for you. Did you catch it?

 Circling back to my initial gloomy and judgmental approach to the acquaintance, I will share this. The spirit, in the moment, revealed that everything may “seem” a certain way on the surface when we view our brothers and sisters, but we never really know what weight they are truly under. Don’t we usually believe we can do it better? Maybe we can. Perhaps we have. Possibly we will. Or maybe we won’t. None of this mattered, because the Lord was revealing information I would have otherwise not known without His wisdom. So be gentle with one another. Show grace, love and compassion. Embrace humility while remembering the parable of the irons, and please…squash the grumbling.

~ Leesa Rains

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