Last night I laid in bed with the brain working full time still. I tell my brain…I say “slow down dude, it’s time for sleep”. But, all in all I had this on my heart. Examining my life and thinking about what gaps may be between my Savior and I and asking God to forgive me and guide me. I got to thinking about how we are as humans. How we serve God but at times think we are serving God when we are REALLY serving god. A big difference between a G and a g. Let me explain….


God created all things. He breathed life into a pile of dirt and created mankind. He took a rib and created beauty in woman. God put in place a plan of redemption that runs from Adam and Eve until the second coming of Christ. God loves us. It doesn’t matter how clean or dirty we are His love runs far deeper and wider than any sin or chasm that may be set between us and Him. Romans 8:31-39 God continues to pour His Spirit into us and Glory. He continues to guide us and empower us. God is faithful in our unfaithfulness. God is peace in the storm. God is joy in the midst of anguish. GOD IS GOD….not god.


Your family is not God….it CAN become god. Your job is not God….it CAN become god. Anything other than God that comes first is god. The paragraph above is about God. god did NOTHING for you. god did not send His only son to die and raise again so you could live forever with him. THAT was God not god. god has many names and many appearances and will fool you every chance it has. God has many Names and will love you every chance He has. god will fool you by taking your time and money on things that do not better the Kingdom. God will guide and empower you to battle and win for the Kingdom. god will lie, cheat and steel. God is trust, love, and grace.

We put our trust and hope in things that are man made. Those things become your god. And those things become a chasm between you and God. Almighty. Yahweh. Elohim. The Alpha and Omega…etc. God not god loves you more than you could ever imagine. God not god gave His only begotten son to die the most terrible death you could ever imagine. God not god will NEVER forsake you and will NEVER turn His back on you. It’s time to get our eyes back on HIM. It’s time to set our hearts and minds on HIM. Colossians 3:1-4

Sometimes it means making a list of things that mean the most to you. Or a list of things that take up the majority of your time and money. Be sure your focus is on GOD not god. Make sure you’re serving Yahweh and not YOUR WAY. Yahweh is God and YOUR WAY is god. God is worthy. god is nothing but a push in the wrong direction.

Take a step back and make sure your heart is focused on God……….not god.

~ Jerod

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