John 4:24 “God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth”.

 I think too many people relate worship only to singing, clapping, dancing, etc.  These things ARE a form of worship but I wouldn’t define worship with these things.  I wouldn’t define worship as SINGING.  Or as DANCING.  Those are expressions of worship.  But those are not definitions to what worship is. 

 The word worship is derived from the Old English word that means worthiness or WORTH-SHIP.  To give value to something.  When you go see a movie you spend $20-ish per person to watch that movie. In doing this, you are placing value on what that experience means to you.  This can be said about a lot of things.  When you spend a lot of time on your phone playing games, on social media or texting, you are assigning value to those things in the form of time.  You are giving WORTH to those things. 

In the same way, the time you spend talking to God, studying His word, singing praises to Him, loving His people, taking care of the sick, etc, you are assigning value.  You see, ,worship to God is defined in our everyday lives.  What you spend time thinking about can be worship.  How you treat your wife or husband can be worship.  Lifting your heart up to Him daily is worship. 

 It’s all about your HEART and MIND.  When we talk about what it means to worship in Spirit and Truth, I think about how we define our God.  God is Spirit.  Jesus is referred to as what?  The TRUTH.  When we LIVE each day pouring ourselves into God we are living a LIFE of worship.  Then our worship shows in how we treat people, how we react, where we spend our time and money, etc.  In my opinion, this is the best definition I can think of for Worship:

 Glorifying God in all we do.

 Or maybe even simpler:  to Glorify God. 

 So, does what is in your heart and mind glorify God?  In that are you worshiping God in spirit and truth?  Or are you waiting until Sundays to “worship” God? 

Everyday.  All day.  Inside and out.  Heart and mind.  Worship should be something that consumes us because we just want to Glorify God in all we do.  Heart and mind.  Spirit and truth.  Glorify God in ALL YOU DO.

~ Jerod Rains

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