7BF35350-3DFD-472A-A81C-F31157987E19_1_201_aWhen we look at a problem and when we focus on the mess, it’s easy to get lost in it. While I was reading my Bible this morning, the seemingly dire situation that we currently find ourselves in came to mind. For just a brief moment, I viewed the situation from the filter that we are alone in dealing with this. It’s God up there and all of us down here. I had not even dwelt on that thought for long when something in me shook out of it. I had a little bit of sorrow towards God because He did not deserve, even the briefest of notions ,that He is not involved in this.My problem was I turned my eyes off of Him and looked to the mess.

Once I repented, I began to inventory all that I can see God in right now in the crisis. First of all, He has awakened Christians from their slumber. It has emboldened timid ones. Also, He is uniting a once divided Church body. Second, jobs are lost, but there has been provision and generosity. Third, I have heard of some mass healings. I have also heard one man’s testimony how God breathed life into His lungs. This is cool to me because twice a day, I pray for mass healings and for God to breathe life into dying people’s lungs. I’m not saying that my prayer directly impacted these miracles, but it is confirmation that these kind of big prayers are not far from the heart of God. Fourth, even though the numbers computed by some program sound imminent, that doesn’t make them fact. I believe we are going to see God protect us and heals those infected. Fifth I believe that where many of us should have ended up losing everything, we will look back and see that we were sustained with every need. Sixth, God is doing a work in families, bringing more unity and stronger relationships.

I’m sure that anyone reading this could add to the list. I am confident that, when we are on the other side of this, we will be able to recognize even greater things that God did in all of this. The point is, God is involved. His hand prints are everywhere in this mess. Many of you already know that, but still, I think for many of us we will have our days of doubt, fear, and anxiety. This is natural and no one should beat themselves up nor assume they have a lack of faith. Just take a minute. Stop focusing on the trouble. Look around you at what God has already done. Listen to what He wants to say to you about it. He is in the mess with us and He will certainly bring us to the other side.

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