Robbing Today to Pay for Tomorrow

I was reading through parts of Exodus this morning as well as some of my journaling from 9 years ago. In Exodus, of course, is where God gives daily manna to the Israelites and they were disobedient even with that. They were only to collect just what they needed for the day with exception of the day before Sabbath rest. But instead of following those easy instructions, they collected more than what they needed for that doubt to be sure they had what they needed for the next day and the day after that. You know, just in case. What they found was all the excess they collected was unusable the next day as it was rotten and worm infested. 

 It’s easy to shake my head with criticism at them. I’m like “Come on, y’all! You can’t even follow those simple instructions! Then I read through my journals of my past. I had some pretty intense stuff going on and yet day after day, in the midst of all the worrying and anxiety about the things going on around me, I also record how God gave me the peace and stamina to get through each day. He gave me what I needed to get through successfully, in all its messes & crises each day at a time. 

He still does. But how many days do I wake up preparing for today and all the days of the future I am worrying about? How many times am I disobedient by not just scooping up the provision of God that He has given me for today, but also scrambling to prepare for the future days out of distrust that God will provide again? In doing so, I only find that all my worrying, concern, self-absorption leads to nothing but exhaustion & fruitlessness. I wake up the next day only to find that what I thought I had to help me through today by my own power is worthless & unusable. Currently, at this moment, I’m not talking about physical provisions…although it is true for this too. But what I’m referring too is the joy, the peace, the strength, and the grace to get through the day I woke up in. So much of the time, I find myself oblivious to God’s provision in my today because I’m trying to strain to find assurance and all that I need for what I worry about tomorrow. Can you see how exhausting this is? I can’t imagine that I’m the only one. Certainly there are several of you who know this exhaustion! 

To this all I can do is pray. May this distrust. May this worry and anxiety. May this scramble to conjure up what I think I may need for the future end more and more each day. May I (or we) graciously except the provision of peace, strength, & joy today without robbing it all of its power by trying to collect enough of it to get by with tomorrow….as if God provides only one day and not the if He only provides what we need to withstand one trial and not another. May this mindset end. May we thrive daily on what He provides for that moment and trust He will be in our tomorrow as well. 


“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; it empties today of its strength.~ Corrie Ten Boom”

~ Janean

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