When It is Not Well with Your Soul

This has just been one of those seasons where it has been one thing after another. With each challenge that has presented itself, I have been able to hand it over to God and trust…..mostly. There is still that little part of me that has found it easy to trust because I have mentally assessed the situation and have felt like “I got this.” Then, another situation comes before the other the other is solved. Still, “I got this.” Then, it’s like the big guns get pulled out and knock the knees out of my already tottering stance bringing me to the point where, “I AIN’T GOT THIS!” In my mental assessment, if everything happens as I fear, then I will be leveled in several areas of my life, relationships, finances, health…all are at stake. Bit dramatic, much? You can laugh at me, but we’ve all been there. Where the fears are very real threats. Some people call it reality or life, and that is true, but when we face certain things, sometimes they get the best of us. We find ourselves, no matter how we want to put our best Christian foot forward, in the place where it is not well with our soul.

  1. Admit when things are not well. We can want it to be well with our soul, but how do we get there from where we are standing at the moment of despair? I think the first thing is to admit that things aren’t ok with you. Often times, as believers, we have this tendency that in order to glorify God, we have to put on our bright and shiny happy face on. I think that sometimes we are afraid if people see us sad, scared, frustrated, or any number of negative emotions, then people might not think we are as Christian as we should be. Some might. Or that God is shaking His head in disappointment. He isn’t, by the way. But I would rather people see what God can do with my messes than to quietly buckle under them. I’m not talking about airing out the dirty laundry, but just simply owning it to yourself and God, who already knows, that you are not well with things.
  2. You’re not supposed to go through this alone. There is no verse in the Bible that says, “Blessed art thou, who goeth aloneth……all out on his owneth.” Directly related to what I mentioned above, when we admit things are not well with us, it is of dire importance to have others praying for you. It doesn’t have to be many, or the whole church. Just a couple of people who you trust that you know will go before the Lord on your behalf. This is vital and God does answer. Both their prayers and yours. Maybe not in the answer you were looking for…..yet, but in an overflow of His peace through the Holy  Spirit. This, my friends, He does not withhold from those who ask for it.
  3. Make God your shelter in the storm. “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High God, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.” ~ Psalm 91:1. This has been the constant verse in my head the past 10 days. Thanks to the prayers, thanks to the Holy Spirit covering me with peace, I have been able to remain in the hiding place of God. I have been aware of His shelter over me all week. When my fleshly thought process tries to bring me back to a place of uncertainty and unrest, I arrest those thoughts and remain in the shelter of His goodness and faithfulness. I remind myself of the countless times, my God has supplied all my needs, healed me, protected me, and comforted me.
  4. Seek wisdom on when to act or when to just be still. Goodness gracious, this is a hard one for me! I feel like a sitting duck waiting for the worst to happen when I am just being still. Plus, I am a person of action. If there is a problem, or even if there isn’t a problem, I am always looking for ways to fix or make things better. This isn’t always a bad thing, but I have to admit that there is an underlying need for control in my tendency to act. If I feel like I have some control, then I find comfort in the fact that I can fix things to suit my wants or needs. A quick shout out to my fellow control freaks, COMPLETE CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION!!! Even in the good, when things are going exactly the way we planned or want, we are not in control. Changes or unwanted circumstances can happen in an instant. In knowing this, I prefer to trust God with all of it, both in the good and the bad. When you make Him your refuge, your hiding place, your trusted confidant in the good, you are well prepared to run to Him in the bad. Therefore, you are able in maintaining a constant state of rest and peace. The bonus of this is when our minds aren’t so worked up in shock or dismay, we are better apt to hear from God when and how to act. We are also better apt to know and be ok with just being still and trusting God to handle the situations at hand.

I hope that there are many of you who find comfort in my words. I am praying for you. Be reminded, as I am reminded, that God does not take for granted the welfare of His saints. Yes, there are things that we are called to walk through, but as we read in the Bible, He walks with us. There are also times where He delivers us completely. And I am sure there are an immeasurable amount of times where He has spared us in ways we will never know or see. It’s important in all times to remember the times He has delivered us. He tells us to remember those times; He is not an egocentric God who constantly needs recognition, but be He knows we’re human and we easily falter. He knows that we will struggle with trust in the things we cannot see. So, He assures us constantly through His word (I have placed a few good ones below), through others walking beside us, and us choosing to remember all that He has already done.

Psalm 91     Hebrews 10:38-39    Psalm 37   Romans 8:28

Even as I am typing this, certain circumstances remained unresolved; they loom. However, at the same time, the worst that I have feared has not happened. In the unresolved answers, I find myself in peace, not in looking for the answers to each and every circumstance, but looking to God AS the answer to all things. In doing so, I find that it is well with my soul.





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