Reverence & Relevance

Have we lost the ability to be reverent in our daily walk? This is a question that I pose to myself at times. It all began one morning as I was casually lounging during my prayer time with a cup of coffee and talking AT God instead of to Him. For some reason, it occurred to me that I was not being very relational at that moment, but also a reality check to the amount of reverence I was approaching with to the God of the Universe, as well as the Redeemer of my soul. If I’m going to approach the seat of a great politician, say the President of the United States, and let’s be honest, even lesser of a position, would I approach with a cup of coffee and a “hey, what’s up?” Probably not, and neither would you. I think that sometimes we have gained so much confidence of God’s love for us, and rightly so, that we no longer revere the authority and power that God holds over us as an individual and the world. I acknowledge that part of this is the relational part. We treat God as we would anyone else we were close to. However, there has to be some distinction, on our part, to the difference between us and Him. I mean, I do not talk to my earthly father the same way that I talk to my counterparts. So, why in the world would I talk to my heavenly Father in the same way?

It falls also into my outward behavior. I should never come to a place where I’m so comfortable in my standing with God that I don’t feel any urge to prostrate myself before Him. To be on my knees in full realization of WHO I am making my petitions to. To pray with words of respect and gratitude. Not because my salvation depends on it, but because of acknowledgment of the power, authority, grace, and mercy upon which I rely on for my salvation in the first place.
This also translates into how I approach those around me. I try to be careful and aware of the words I use when speaking to others or even about others. I am intentional with my body language and the clothing I wear so that I am still acknowledging my obedience to the Lord. My dignity isn’t that of self righteousness, but of confidence that I know WHO I belong to and what I am about as a child of God. It points to Him and away from me. I don’t want to bend on those things just to be relevant to the world around me. I should never compromise my reverence for God to gain relevance with the world. Useless foul words, gossip, fashion, music, lax attitude towards God do not make me relevant. A sinner saved from my sin, redeemed, with a hope is what makes me relevant to a lost world.
This is not saying that we should wear our Sunday best, and that only suits and dresses are pleasing to the Lord. But I am saying that we should be very conscious of the message that we are sending with what we wear. We should also apply that concept to our outward behavior. The words that come out of our mouths, is it offensive? Does it reflect an angry heart? Is it hurtful? Does it tear others down? Our actions speak even louder. They should still point to our obedience and submission to God.
I don’t walk on eggshells before my God. It’s not about being perfect; it’s about being mindful of our God. I feel the freedom that I walk in as His child. But I want my walk to reflect the faith that I am proclaiming. Yes, during my devotion time, I still have a cup of coffee on the table next to me. Here and there I reach over to get a sip as I’m reading the Word and taking notes. But when it comes time to approach God, I set it all aside and I focus on Him. I want to approach Him with all the reverence that He deserves. I find when I do this, that I am more aware of Him throughout the rest of my day, and find myself with a more grateful heart because of His gracious stoop to be with me.

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