God Winks

gratitude_listSat here typing and deleting this post multiple times.. What do I write?
Nothing profound or Supernaturally inspired to say.
What can I write about? I thought of just waxing eloquent about a Scripture but that almost seems a bit cliche. So I ask myself, what one thing have I been thinking all week?

My answer leans toward the practical and not the Spiritual. As I think about my week I began to see the God winks. That is what I call the “atta girls” that God gives to remind me that,
even in the humdrum, daily he is watching, listening and cares.
It is in the little things.
Here are just a few:
An email comes in with an encouragement right at the moment I feel my worse.
Aldi’s, on grand opening, I arrived just as a worker was leaving and got a parking spot by the door  while people are parking across the street and walking.
I see a license plate that reads “Godsees” right when I ask him “are you watching?”.
My favorite candy is the one that Russell Stover is giving as free samples.
If we watch and have eyes to see, how many times a day is God winking to let us know he sees?
He loves us and wants to be a part of our daily life.

A taste of Supernatural in the natural.



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