On the Things Above

008_17aSince the fasting started at the beginning of this month I have been reminded of how much of an addiction sweets are. Truly. It is SO very difficult to give up those

sweets that we long for and truly enjoy…sometimes, sadly, the highlight of our day. Just give me a donut and I’m a happy girl or guy! #sadbuttrue

It’s easy to look at those with alcohol and drug addictions as people with real problems. These issues ARE problems and these people have huge obstacles in overcoming their addictions. It’s difficult and painful and requires our support and prayer. Monumental!!!!!

However, I so often look around me and see so many addictions that are not labeled as such. I am keenly aware that I am addicted to sweets and I often have to fast sweets at various times simply because they control me. I mean, it’s bad when you stop at a gas station just for a candy bar or hide that sweet you must have or plan your day around the dessert you will eat at some selected point in time. I know this rings true for many of us. And it’s pure and simply bondage.

What’s your addiction?  If it’s not alcohol, drugs or sweets, perhaps it’s television, sports (oops!), soda, exercise, your career, social media, games, being overly organized or maybe just busyness. Being a “gossip” is a “high” that people don’t recognize as sin and how addictive it can be. The list goes on. We must have our careers and it’s healthy to organize and exercise. There are many things in our lives that must be done with commitment and consistency. Nothing wrong with that. But we must be aware and stay consistently in prayer about those things that control us and take our mind away from “the better part.” (Thank you, Mary!)  We are in this world, yet we must set ourselves apart and as stated in Colossians 3:2 “Set your mind on the things above.”  Balance. Priorities. Wisdom. Obedience.

Help us Lord! I believe most of us are sincere and attack life with a sincerity that we want to serve God and be effective. We want to make it to that Heavenly Home and we have set our site on that destination.  But along the way, to be most effective, we must rid ourselves of that which controls us in a negative way, no matter what the source. We must get rid of that which makes us weak whether it be physical health, emotional health, mental health or spiritual health.

So…enjoy your television but turn it off at times. Work hard but take time for God and family.  Go to that sports game but never let it replace your time with God. I know that even though yes, I will eat Sarah’s cupcake the next chance I get, I will not have a cupcake every day. I will drive past Dunkin’ Donuts with a smile, knowing that I can have a donut but I don’t have to have a donut.  Addictions are real. Let’s keep our mind on our Lord and stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit has He leads and guides us through this maze of choices to me made. After all, it is a choice. And even though I really want to go to Buddy’s for that Hot Fudge Cake, I’ll make the choice not to.



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