Reflections on a Snowy Day


Day to day life is stressful, but with the snow today life seemed to slow down. I played today with my littles and reflected on how time had flown with my bigs, Seems crazy even to me sometimes that, at 45, I am the mom of a 14, 13, 5 and 1 year old all at the same time. I have one foot each in two very different seasons at the same moment. Yet I would not change anything.

I was thinking today about how different my parenting is with my littles and how much I have learned (and learn daily with my teens).

I often get stumped when a situation arises with the kids, how do I reach their heart in the fleeting moments I have left with them. Can I pour all my lifetime of wisdom into them before that window fully shuts?

Will they hear?

My kids are good people, friendly, polite, confident and well spoken but if you ask me what I did all I could do is say I tried to follow my Dad’s example You know him, his name is Yaweh.

  1. If you love them you will discipline them.
  2. Consistency is key to security in relationships.
  3. Nothing I can do changes his love for me
  4. He loves me not because I am good enough but because I am his kid
  5. He always provides what I need
  6. He want to provide my wants
  7. He does everything because he just wants to be in relationship with me.
  8. He chose me over his own life
  9. He serves me and does not require anything in return.

All these things make me want to be like him.

So I make errors, I get frustrated, tired and even exasperated.

But these things I know; if I measure my decisions and actions by how my Daddy parents me, then in the end, they will be ok. And when I don’t, Grace and Mercy will heal.

This I know and in this I can trust.

If I train them up in this way, they will not depart from it. They may stray but when times are tough, when they are mature. they will know where to go.

So today, as my bigs sleep, I played with the littles. I thought about how to love each child just the same as my Dad loves me, right where I am, on my level of maturity.



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