Perfect & Unashamed

red-rose-wallpaper-hd-5-free-wallpaperIn my lifetime the standard of beauty has varied widely. From stick thin Kate Moss to big booty Kim Kardashein. I want to know, has anyone ever stopped to wonder what Eve looked like? I think it is significant that in the Bible there is no account of her looks. Adam was given a woman perfect and unashamed.

Think about this for a moment, do we compare a daisy to a rose only to find one lacking? Certainly not! Why, because they are both part of the diversity of a creative maker who declares them both to be perfectly what they are.

We, as woman, are God’s masterpiece design and called perfect and good by our Creator. So why do we feel less than perfect? Who created the standard that we are measuring ourselves by? It is an unreal, false ruler that changes too quickly to ever be real. What are the imperfections that you see in the mirror? By WHOSE standards are they imperfect? Adam had no other standard to measure Eve, so to him she was perfection. She was the gift from the Creator.

So embrace yourself, enjoy the changes of your body; it shows us beauty and creativity. Adorn it not to change or cover but to celebrate and to frame a masterpiece. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE GOD IS THE MAKER OF BEAUTY.

The enemy has tried to steal that truth from you. We don’t take scissors, glue and paint to try and improve what God made (the roses and daisy.  Yet, we do to ourselves. Women, YOU are rubies, pearls of great price, and a piece of art perfect in every way.

Enjoy the journey, frame the art and protect it from those who do not understand the value of what The Artist has created. When the enemy lies to you telling you that your too fat, or ugly or in any way less than a beautiful, diverse, piece of art, call him out and ask by Whose standard is THIS judgment based upon?

Your makeup, clothing and accessories don’t hide imperfections they frame the art. They are only a fun way to showcase a beautiful creation that has been presented to the world to impact, decorate and express the creative nature of a creative God.

Please don’t waste a precious moment agreeing with the enemy’s lie. Ask Father t0 reveal what HE sees. Your value and worth is not based on the opinion of any human. Embrace and enjoy WHO YOU ARE AS YOU ARE, created in perfection, loving your neighbor as yourself means you have to love yourself too.

~Dolly Acosta


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  1. Dolly, your blog is a breath of fresh air!!! Thank you for writing it; you’re reaching those who have no idea they’ve been sucked into the lies and then treated like marionettes, dancing to dictates that did not originate from God.

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