Stand Strong

20120826-081640The Christian walk is a tremendous journey.  Following Christ is the most important decision a person will make, and it is this walk with Him that enables us to overcome the challenges and storms that we encounter in our lives. Truly living for Christ and walking with Him each day makes the difference as to whether we have a strong walk or an anemic crawl.

How do we have a strong walk? It is very important that we establish ourselves in the faith. Read the Word. Pray. Walk in the Spirit. Do everything we can to be so full of God that we stand tall and strong. Our spiritual roots must be deep and established to withstand the storms that come our way.

Consider the palm tree that stands tall and majestic. Beautiful.  Breathtaking. There are no limbs to add strength, so it just stands alone.  When storms come along this palm tree will bend and you think surely it will break. It may almost touch the ground as it gives way to the storm. But it doesn’t topple.  The reason is that it’s roots are strong.  They don’t go as deep into the ground but they do go outward to give it stabilization.  When the storm comes, the palm tree can bend without breaking.  It remains despite the storm. It is rooted!

Living in East Tennessee we have a bounty of beautiful trees. We love them!  They add beauty to our mountains, curb appeal to our homes, shade on a hot summer day and provide a place to play for our children as they climb and swing.  But, unfortunately, some of these trees do not have the root system to withstand the storms that buffet them.  You find them toppled over to the ground as the wind has beaten them down.  Apparently, the root system to these trees has not gone deep enough and, therefore, they don’t have the strength to stand against the storms.

So it is with us.  Our spiritual roots must be strong enough for us to face the storms of this life. We are to “abide in Christ.” (John 15:7) We are to “walk in the Spirit.” (Galatians 5:16) We are to be “doers of the Word.” (James 1:22) The battles are many. But!  The Word assures us in Romans 8:37 that as we abide in Him we ARE more than conquerors through Him that loved us!  We cannot be an off and on again Christian and expect to withstand the battles.  We cannot walk through this life victorious if we don’t have His Word implanted in our hearts. We cannot stand strong in life’s problems if we don’t walk and talk with Jesus every single day.

Study your Word. Spend time in prayer. Consistently be a “doer of the Word.”  Walk with Him, talk with Him, and never give the devil room to work because your heart and soul and too full of Jesus for him to detour you on this journey. Make sure you are grounded and that your spiritual roots are strong and healthy and you will then STAND STRONG when the storms come!!!!



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  1. Thank you for sharing this Dreama! We sometimes forget just how crucial our time with God is, don’t we? Thank you for the encouragement to stick with the basics…it’s the only way the Father can bless us with more, no?

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