In Remembrance of Me

11423766_10207345574586554_7797815918990729597_oI really try hard not to do things mindlessly. If at all possible, I am considering the real purpose behind everything I do. Even though I can be guilty of it, I don’t want to just run through the motions of things never knowing the purpose behind it. You won’t find me ever wearing something, watching something, listening to something, or taking on a mindset over something just because everyone is doing it. You won’t find me doing something just because that is what has always been done.

However, even with me, it is easy to do something as sacred as participating in communion something I take for granted. So every time I’m taking communion, I think on the why’s and meditate on the whole point of taking bread and wine (well, grape juice for some of us). I think on the task Christ took at hand. I think about the body broken. I think about the pain he endured. I think hard on those things, but I must admit, they seem quite far away from where I’m at sometimes. I find myself in a disconnect with what He faced.

A few Sundays back. I began communion again. As I was sitting there contemplating the suffering He paid with and yet how He told us to break bread and take the wine (er, grape juice) in remembrance of Him. It seems so odd that is the way He chose for us to remember His broken body for our sins. I dipped the bread and ate. For some reason that particular day, I noticed how sweet and wonderful it tasted. I immediately heard, “That’s how it is supposed to taste. Your remembrance of my sacrifice should always be sweet.”

What was His rejection is my redemption. What was His death is my life. I may never fully understand. No, change that. I WILL never understand the bitterness of the suffering and the price He paid. But I do know the sweetness of the indwelling of Christ inside me, of the communion I can have with my Father daily, at the knowledge that I am an heir of the kingdom. What He tasted was the bitterness of my sin so what I taste is the sweetness of being redeemed and washed clean from it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t ever want to get to the point in my life where I forget this. I don’t ever want to get so fat and saturated with the blessings of God OR, even worse the distracting, empty, offers of the world that I forget my depravity. I never want to stop taking notice the stark contrast of my once wretched state of darkness to the now state of light and hope of living a part of His kingdom. I hope to never simply go through the motions of my Christian walk that I become complacent no longer hungering for more of Him. This communion, this remembrance we should take eagerly as those aware of our hunger for Him and with gratitude that He made a way for that. May we always remember and savor the sweetness of our communion with Him and what it took for us to be able to be forever in His presence.

Restore to me the joy of your salvation
and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me. ~ Psalm 51:12



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