Not a Survivor

SunRiseDuring times of meditation, God gave me a message to pass on:  He does not want us to be survivors in this life; He earnestly desires for us to become what He made us to be…CONQUERORS.  The Holy Spirit came to me in all gentleness and impressed this word on my heart:

“I love you…I love you…I love you can’t your ears hear that I love you?  Can your eyes not see how I love you, how very much I’ve done for you?  What is it that blocks you from seeing, hearing, knowing My love for you?  Your fears.  That I will not do as I’ve said I would do.  That I will not keep loving you after you’ve given yourself to Me.  When have I failed you or forsaken you?  With each step I have been with you, loved you, had mercy on you.  Believe in Me and you shall be saved.  Believe in Me and you shall conquer.  My strength is many, many times more than enough for you and any problems you face.  Your faithfulness I will reward.”

After that, another word came:

“Love Me loving you.  Your love cannot reach Me, but I can reach you.  NEVER  forget this!  You are Mine forever; I will NEVER let you go!!  Do not waste your time in worthless pursuits.  Seek My face always and I will bless you and bring you up out of the pit you’ve mired yourself in.  Fast, if you fast to ME ONLY, not for earthly signs and happiness.  Build up your treasure in heaven, with ME.

He wanted me and others to know that our condition is not what matters.  What is important is the direction in which we are moving.  Is it toward Him?  Is it THROUGH Him?  We must remain ever-watchful, especially in times of sorrow, because the enemy aims his arrows at our heart through our grief and pain, desperately trying to convince us that somehow God’s love for us and our effectiveness in this world depends on our performance, our strength, our own self-actualization.  Then seeds of doubt about the integrity of our very existence can be planted.

Our life’s God-given purpose can be shelved, sidelined, out of commission.  Yet even then, our loving Father wants to pick up the pieces and fuse them together in the love of His mighty arms and hands.  He weeps with us; He brushes away our tears.  He bids us keep walking whilst He holds us upright since we have no strength to stand, much less move forward.

“He wants your whole heart, even if it comes to Him in broken, jagged pieces.”  ~Susan Lenzkes

Prayer is our biggest weapon in this fight, worshipping Him, meditating on Him and His Word, practicing His presence, the willingness to listen and keep on listening even when it seems we will never hear from God again, so that there is no room left for the enemy’s messages that script death within us and without us.  The battlefield for our souls lies in what we pay attention to in our hearts and minds.

After much time spent alone with Jesus, my heart responded with the following:

Here, look our lives are scattered all over the floor

Broken mirrors shattered by life’s overwhelming sadnesses

Whom can we turn to O LORD but You?

You meld us into one great Reflection, One Light, One Mind

to spread Your love, each with a gift of Your love,

Your painting, Your worship, Your glory, Your canvas!

We have hope for the future because You are HERE.

Your hear all our prayers, save each tear in Your bottle of Remembrance.

Coruscating Love, changing Your colors, yet One and the Same.

My LORD and My God, I am SO GLAD YOU CAME.

His Word tells us that He knows we are only dust.  He understands that when we choose healing, we are accepting that He knows what is best, trusting that He will cleanse, protect, and restore.  Only when we rest in HIM, constantly verbalizing our desire for wholeness and allowing Him to hold us fast, will the fruit of obedience to His Word be produced.  My fervent and relentless prayer both pursues and remains that surrender to His love.



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  1. This is the best blog from Denise so far, and I’ve been reading them back through the years. You have amazing bloggers there @ Canvas Church and I was particularly struck by this brave contribution from Denise. We All can Conquer, just as she wrote. I’ve been saying to the “recovering” community for a while that the goal is not “recovery” but “Transcendence” …Conquering our challenges and moving on with our lives as complete human beings, completed by God’s grace. …Larry Ackerman from Michigan

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