Making a Joyful Noise

736154_10202464745528878_1067577915_oI love sound. I hate sound. There are sounds that seem to be able to tear down any tension or distraction putting me into a state of bliss. There are sounds that make me cringe putting me into a state of major irritation. Because of this, I’m very black and white when it comes to music and instrumentation. If the song or instrument is to my taste, I can listen to it over and over again getting lost in it. If it is not, then it is just as annoying as going to a dentist and hearing the drill against my teeth.

I can’t honestly say that I’m particularly talented with music. However, it is my love of music that drives me to want to make my instrument sound pretty or sing prettily. It is a motivating factor for practice and I focus very much on doing just that. While those are all good things, I wonder when it comes to worship at times what kind of sound I make when I offer it up to God.

That’s what worship is, an offering. So what am I offering up to God? Am I focused on sounding good? Am I focused on not messing up in front of many people? Am I focused on being heard by those in the sanctuary? I am afraid that all to often the answer is yes to those questions. I wonder then if my sound is merely a noise to my Father.

Thankfully, He is patient with me. He reminds me of who He is and I, in turn, can respond. Maybe my voice cracks. Maybe I play a wrong note. Maybe He is the only one who can truly hear me. But when I am focused on Him, I can offer up the words of a song, or the note of my guitar in true praise sacrificing who I am as an offering in response to ALL HE IS. In those moments, some may say “bless her heart;  she’s making a joyful noise”, but God hears something beautiful only meant for Him.

This isn’t a once a week deal. It’s a daily sacrifice of time and focus. It’s a shift of our mind from the world and focus on our loving Father. In doing so we become full and ready to worship at any given point of our lives regardless of the circumstances.

 “On your feet now—applaud God!  Bring a gift of laughter, sing yourselves into his presence.Know this: God is God, and God, God. He made us; we didn’t make him. We’re his people, his well-tended sheep.Enter with the password: “Thank you!”Make yourselves at home, talking praise. Thank him. Worship him. For God is sheer beauty, all-generous in love;  loyal always and ever.” ~  Psalm 100(The MSG)

May 2016 bring a church body who makes a big, loud, and joyful noise. 🙂



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  1. You know I am a huge fan of worship and particularly corporate worship. So many are lead to the alter because you have brought them there through music. It’s good to know that even a talented musician struggles with the thought that an offering isn’t good enough. And for those of us with little talent in this area, I know that God is a loving father, and accepts our offers with the grace and joy that comes from perfect love.

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