A Light Pierces the Dark


The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ~ John 1:5

Darkness is all around us. In this country, we make up a small number. The dark is big vast and seemingly unending. But one light breaks that darkness. The darkness in size looks bigger, but it only takes one light and people can’t help but look to it. Some will turn their backs to it or close their eyes, but it’s of their own will to remain in their darkness. It isn’t because lack of power of the light. Though some ignore it, others will not be able to keep their eyes closed to it. Because deep down, they recognize the desire to no longer be in the dark. It is for them that we shine for

One aspect of this light is the joy that we have. Sometimes, we mistake joy for happiness or some sort of giddy emotion. Sometimes, we allow worries, hurts, worldly things to shadow over our joy. But when we shed off of those things, the joy will explode in the darkness. Don’t be afraid to shed off those things that block your shine. Ask God to open your eyes to Him. To see Him in everything. I believe that when we feel God near, when we see Him in everything that we can’t help but have joy. When we do, our spouses see, our children see, our coworkers see, all those around us see and they will respond. Just like a light in the darkness, joy breaks through in ways we never thought possible. Let’s ask for this.

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