Unseen Servant


falling-leafIt’s about to storm. At least that’s what they are saying, a whole weekend of rain. Weather service has already said to prepare for flooding. Some of us will prepare and some of us won’t.

It’s the beginning of October and you can see the signs of fall everywhere. It’s in the air. Leaves not only changing their color in a beautiful display but are also falling to the ground. The leaves are collecting on the sidewalks and the streets.

By my house there is this small church at the top of a steep hill. I’ve never actually seen the building. Its too far off of the main road to make an appearance to anyone just passing by. But they always have signs by the road announcing their community events. I’ve never been.
At the base of the long drive today was a man. Dressed in plain khakis and a polo, he was blowing leaves. A simple gesture I thought. Until I looked up the steep drive and saw the job he had undertaken.

Every leaf as far as I could see was piled neatly to be carried away. A clear drive from the main road to a place I couldn’t see. Come Sunday, while the rain falls, each churchgoer will be unaware of his undertaking. He has cleared the drive. The humble man in the khakis and polo shirt made the path safe.

Little things matter.

If you are the humble giver of time, energy or money in order to make someone’s life better, I pray you know blessing for the work of your hands. You may feel unnoticed. You may question if it’s worth it. Our Father Knows!!! Thank you for your servants heart. You are light in our world.

“…but not let us lose heart in doing good; for in due time, if we do not faint, we shall reap.” Galatians 6:9



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