The Sovereignty of God









I let stuff get to me too easily. I’ve always been that way. I read or hear something that seems so short sighted, or just down right wrong and I can already feel my blood pressure go up. I feel the burn rise up inside of me and I want to do something. I want to react. I want to set things straight. I want to fix. I have always been the one to jump in a situation to help when stuff went down right in front of me, even when realistically I was helpless to do so. So, you can gather that when it comes to the internet with all of its social media and news, that I pretty much walk a tight wire when it comes to peace.

I’ve recently had to back off Facebook and news sites for a time. It isn’t so much of what is being put out there, but the amount of it. Facebook especially. We read or watch science fiction where people can read minds and it consequently causes catastrophe. But it seems that anymore, it’s not fiction at all. People’s thoughts, deeds, and actions are all willingly posted for the world to see and so much of it. I want to react. I want to correct the wrongs. Set facts straight. Change people’s hearts. I spend so much of my mind consumed by these things that I can’t hear what God has to say about them. Truth is I can’t control any of this and it isn’t my job to.

Sure, we all have our callings and our purpose, but those are ordained only by God. My actions, my duties are purely for what He orchestrates. My job is to be obedient. This bothers man and it is always the hardest to accept that God is sovereign. It is hard because we want to determine who we are, what we have, and what we do. We want God only when we are rendered helpless or want something bigger than the power we possess to get it. We treat Him like a giant vending machine. “God, here’s my prayer. I want ____. Now where does it come out at?” When the answer is not in our timing or the one we wanted, we become bitter or disenchanted with the Maker of the Universe. Some deny His existence at all. Throw all the theories and theologies you have out there, but what it all boils down to is that we want control.

I’m not going to lie to you. Accepting God’s sovereignty is sometimes hard for me. It scares me. It doesn’t feel safe. I have a hard time understanding it.  With all that’s going on in the world, I struggle to see where His control is at. People are straying farther away from Him. It seems so in this country. The laws of the land have become fueled by peoples lusts and selfish desires. Where is God’s control in all of this? The more I read the news, the more I become disheartened by the loss of morality and the increase in animosity towards God and those who follow Him. The world is going to hell in a hand basket and quickly.

Then I look up. As I watch the sunrise at its appointed time, I see the sky stretched over everything. As I look out the window, my heart calms and finds itself at peace again. I can see God’s sovereignty just by watching the sunrise….a perfect example of His authority, power, and goodness. Just by a word it came into existence and it has continued to rise and set at its time without fail.

Call me silly, but I can get a strong sense of God’s sovereignty when I look up at the sky. Looking as far to the East and as far to the West, it doesn’t end. It’s over all things. It witnesses all things. Just the sun is sure to rise and in it’s time set, God’s perfect order happens. Nothing we can do can bring it about or stop it. This can seem to some men horror, the horror of being at the mercy of something we can’t control. But those of us who know Him, or learning Him, we find ultimate comfort in this. We do because unlike the ways of sin and the world that produces chaos. God is fixed. Constant. Steady.

We can be the same when we place our hope in Him. We cling to him. We fix our eyes upon him and we’re still. We rely on His order that even in the chaos, His plan, His promises, will surely come in His time. We can be assured of this. I gaze upon the morning sky, never fully knowing the future except that God has it ordered, fixed and in place. It will be good because of His sovereign will that overrides all of man’s evil tendencies and selfish plans. Nothing in this world can halt Him or thwart His plans to bring His people to Himself. Nothing can keep Him from bringing about Good to those who love Him and call Him by His name, Yahweh.



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