That’s My God

This is a repost back from 2012. Great post and thought it should be share again. Enjoy. ~ Canvas Rhapsody


Recently, while reading “The Iliad” (which ,if you’re not familiar with it, is Homer’s poem set during the Trojan War and is saturated with Greek legend and myth), I realized just how grateful I am that God is who He is. I say this because the gods the Greeks worshipped were fickle; they used humans as pawns in their own personal disputes; and they had some very disturbing encounters with humans and animals. Why would anyone want to worship a god like that?
It made me consider–I mean, really, deeply consider–the God I worship…who He is and what He does. Our God is a God from whom all goodness comes. Everything that flows from Him–love, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, peace, joy, justice–is in it’s absolute purest, untainted form. Sometimes it’s difficult to truly comprehend just how good He is because we’re so accustomed to the contaminated version of “goodness” that the world offers. But all that He pours out on us is completely pure and unpolluted.
And as if that wasn’t enough, He is a God of boundless power and wisdom. With mere words, He created all that we know as the universe. He rules all of creation (think of Christ commanding the storm to “be still,” and the ravens providing food for Elijah at His bidding). Even all the dark forces must obey His commands. There’s not a force in this universe or beyond that can restrain or overpower Him.
Then to top off all of this, our God is a God who is approachable, not just by priests and “holy men,“ but by everyone. He freely extends His grace to all that will accept it. He loves us at all times and comes to us when we call on Him. This is the type of God I want to worship. I could not adore or devote myself to a God that was any less. He’s a God to whom we can entrust our very lives and the lives of our loved ones. Why would anyone not want to worship a God like that?

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend Your works to another; they will tell of Your mighty acts. They will speak of the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and I will meditate on Your wonderful works. They will tell of the power of Your awesome works, and I will proclaim Your great deeds. They will celebrate Your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of Your righteousness. The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made.” ~Psalm 145: 3-9



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