Bumps & Bruises

ladyprayingSometimes it’s the little things. Not big changes but the bumps and bruises that slowly wear us down. They steal our joy, cause us to take our eyes off the purpose.

I recently lost my ability to worship. Ok, that statement seems a bit big, but that’s how it felt at first. I ruptured an ear drum about 6 weeks ago. I can’t hear out of my left side. At first the pain was excruciating, and I didn’t really notice that I couldn’t worship at least not how I like to. But after the third week, when the music echoed instead of rising and falling in beautiful harmonies, the frustration had set in.

I was so irritated by the lack of hearing, I don’t think I noticed I was skipping my regular times of worship. No corporate worship at church, just mouthing the words. No worship at home during times of study or prayer because the sound never balances right. No loud worshipful singing in the car on errands and carpool and travel. It’s just gone.

I’m not a choir singer. And you will never find me leading in a praise band. But, I love to sing to God. I love music and it’s expression of emotion, surrender, prayer, and gratitude. I miss it.

And while my hearing is gradually returning, it is taking enough time that I need to make little changes. I’m not down for the count, but definitely beat up. I hadn’t really noticed that I had let my situation steal my joy.

I am finding new ways to worship. And when I’m home, I just turn the music up louder and sing any way. I know it’s not the end of the world. It’s just an unexpected disappointment. One, I am sure, you too may have experienced. Maybe not in the same way. But, in the way that sneaks up on you and steals your joy.

What do you do to find your joy in the midst of the bumps and bruises?

Angela Stolpe


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  1. Thank you for your candor, Angela! It can definitely be hard to find that secret place when your world has been thrown off-kilter by an unexpected physical problem. When things like that happen to me, I meditate in God’s presence, asking Him to pull me up into Him that I might just “be” in His joy and love. I also like to be out in His creation and spend time adoring the wonders of His artistry in thankfulness, knowing He created all this for US. Please know I am praying for your speedy healing and recovery, but also for the fruit that this time is bearing in your life. You’re a special lady.

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