A Prayer

Prayer_SunsetOn March 19th, I had the pleasure of being allowed to go over to the Loudon County Jail to minister to the inmates who could make it to chapel. The other days a week the recreation room is just that, but on those Thursday nights, it’s church. Every time I’ve been there God always shows up in a miraculous way. This particular evening, God showed up in the beauty of a prisoner’s poem. A poem that was suggested to be shared here. ~ Brad

A Prayer

I pray for new eyes that I can see

The beauty the Lord has laid out to be

I pray for new ears that I may hear

the music of angels as they come near

I pray for a new voice that I may say

how wonderful the Lord has been on this glorious day

I pray for new breath that I may breathe

the breath of life that God has given to me

I pray for a new mind so that I may know

the wonder of God as the knowledge He gives me

continues to grow.

I pray for a new heart that I may feel

The love of my God within me is real

I pray for new feet that I may run to my Lord

It’s always amazing when He says welcome aboard

I pray for new hands to work for the good

It’s the will of the Father as it’s understood

I pray for a new body to gather around

The body of Christ is Heavenly bound

I pray for a new life to serve for my Master

Not one that leads to further disaster

I pray for a new spirit that it may discern

To hear from my God is my only concern

I pray for a new type of love

That can only come from my Father above


3 thoughts on “A Prayer

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  1. Strong Brad, Seeing God work inside is always moving, reading this poem has lifted me up, and more importantly, glorifies God!

  2. This is marvellous, Brad! God is surely blessing you men with your ministry to these guys! I thank Him for the ministry, and for all of you.

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