Who Said Life Was Fair?

father-holding-babies-handDuring the past few weeks, I’ve been fighting a nasty illness.  I thought it to be a common chest cold, something I believed I’d conquered before leaving town to see my son graduate a long military course {a once in a lifetime affair}.  Within two days of travelling, I found myself in the ER with a high temperature and diagnosis of sepsis and pneumonia.  NOTwhat I’d planned!  I was upset and angry with myself and with God.

After crying out and complaining to God a bit about how many times I’ve been sick when something important in the lives of my family or friends has come along, He spent time reminding me that He is in control, and His purposes are higher than mine or anyone else’s plans.  He had things He needed to accomplish through this series of events, perhaps in the lives of those around me at that time.  It put me in mind of a line from “The Princess Bride” where Peter Falk {the Grandpa} says to his grandson, “Who said life was fair?  Where is that written?”

No, life is not fair, but our walk with Jesus isn’t about things being fair, understandable, or even doable.  Our walk is about the minute by minute decisions of dependence on His strength alone to do His will, the miracle of His invited intervention in our lives.  That is what makes His plans for us doable.  On that very simplicity hangs the balance of our faith and our walk.  We cannot often see past His robes, or even more than a step in the path in front of us; nonetheless, holding onto His hand is the only thing we are responsible to do.  He will watch our steps, our journey, and guard our hearts from harm, provided we look to Him for everything at every turn.  As the popular song goes, “Don’t believe me, just watch!”

“He Himself will deliver you from the hunter’s net, from the destructive plague.  He will cover you with His feathers; you will take refuge under His wings.  His faithfulness will be a protective shield.  You will not fear the terror of the night, the arrow that flies by day, the plague that stalks in the darkness, or the pestilence that ravages at noon.”  

Psalm 91:3-6 CSB

“Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God.  And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Phillippians 4: 6-7 CSB

We humans have a need for worship built into the very fabric of our minds, hearts, and souls.  No matter what we worship, for we all worship what is first in our hearts, it is a fundamental part of who we are.  When we worship God only by placing each passing decision and moment into His hands, trusting in His wisdom and care, we can live successful lives no matter what it looks like on the surface through human eyes.  Life does not need to be fair in order for us to live successfully; we only need the assurance of His guidance through holding His hand through each step.




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  1. Allowing God to shape us within the realities of our human frailty it so hard, so good to know that we have new bodies waiting when we arrive home for the feast, good thoughts Denise.

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