In the Driver’s Seat

Hands_on_wheelMy teenager recently got her drivers permit. Oh, how time flies. And she is driving now, and I sit besides her giving her instruction. And, the occasional gasp or “STOP!” comes out of my mouth. She’s learning and concentrating as we go. You do know, 50mph is waaaaaay faster when a 15yr old has their foot on the gas peddle?

Recently, there has been a commercial on Pandora Radio, that says, “Be the kind of driver you want your teenager to be.” And Madi, my teen, loves to quote this little jingle to me whenever I get a little heavy-footed driving her places. She notices everything about my driving now. She is paying attention to every detail.

It turns out, I’m more of a teacher when I am in the drivers seat than when I am in the passenger seat telling her “how-to” drive.

The truth of teaching is in our actions. We can talk and talk and talk until we are blue in the face but our actions show, display and teach the reality of our heart.

We often desire to see others around us live a “Christian” life. We want to be treated kindly. We want people to be giving. We want to be loved and know we will be taken in if it all falls apart. Oh, and we can talk. We can tell you all about “how” to do it rightly. But I ask you, “Are you the kind of Christian you want the world to be?”

Are you Kind?

Do you give when someone is in need?

Do you love with out expectation?

Can you forgive when it is least deserved?

Because what you say has little consequence on the world around us. But, what you do will show the world your heart belongs to God and you desire to live in a world filled with the gentle character He calls His people to live.

Someone is watching you, someone is learning from you. What do you do when you are in the driver’s seat?



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  1. This is a wonderful observation, and one that is so timely and Biblical. Jesus wants us to practice these things for the very reason you spoke about…the fact that the world is watching and learning from us when we are least aware of it.

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