Worship a King

worship a kingKing…. What is a king? Do we really know? As an American-Christian, I am sure I am far from the understanding of the sovereignty of a king.

Most of us would define our greatest sacrifice to worship as the fight we deal with on Sunday mornings. Oh, you know what I’m talking about. First, the battle over the alarm clock to press snooze just one more time. Now, to get everyone ready and argument free before we end up in a rush and late. What’s for breakfast? Coffee, did you make the coffee?!! And we make it to service, with just enough time to check the kids in and breathe before the band finishes the first song.

Raise your hands. Pray out loud. Face down or on our knees. How do you worship? The music is moving but I think someone might see me. I don’t want to be judged. I don’t think God really cares if I raise my hands. I always feel so good after the music rises and slows to the reverent sounds of believers in unison carrying the chorus. The Word tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. I have felt it. I know He is there.

And we leave. And we figure out lunch and plan the afternoon around obligations. And our worship ends and we live out life.

I recently read this quote: “Are we more afraid of what people think of us or what God thinks of us?” After a weekend of news over 21 Egyptian-Christians loosing their lives over their beliefs, it’s hard to not be struck by the question. Do I worship enough to sacrifice my life? Who is my king?

Do I worship on Sundays because of the way it makes me feel? Do I complain over the sacrifice of time it would take to learn His Word? Do I really have to live with the type of integrity God calls His people to? Could I get on bended knee, to sacrifice my life at the hands of terrorist?

If we have never been taught the power of a King, do we understand what it means to worship one?

Is God your King? Or do you worship the things that line up with how you feel and what you believe? Do you believe His opinion of you matters more than the opinions and judgment’s of others?

You God, are my King!!

If we proclaim it, if we can live it….. God says that if we are His people, He will be our God. The power of serving a holy God will be sacrificial. It won’t be about the songs you sing, it’ll be about His presence in a room full of believers. Your worship won’t be about the snooze button but about the extra 30min to pour His Word into your heart. It won’t be about the embarrassment to say no to a movie invite but to the knowledge that your life is a proclamation of His promises.

I don’t want to be my own king. I don’t want my opinions and needs to be bigger than what God has planned for me, planned for His people.

How do you worship a King?



4 thoughts on “Worship a King

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  1. AMEN! Loved reading this. I feel blessed to have been brought up Catholic (but am now non-denominationalish)because that gave me a mental foundation of how Sovereign and holy God is but I discovered through protestant churches that I am able to have a relationship with that King. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I often wonder, when I read/hear about Christians around the world suffering for Christ, whether or not I have the depth of love that would would mean losing my life for Jesus. Moreover, do I have the love that would sacrifice daily to live for Him in unswerving devotion, giving His love to others HIS way? I pray daily that He works that kind of love, HIS love both into me and through me.

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