We’re in This Together

e63bc67923e47cc9d759e04bbcf082fcOften times we women find ourselves feeling isolated. We are so busy with daily life that we tend to neglect relationships. All of them. Time spent with friends outside of work or church is rare. Time spent with our husbands is more limited when the babies start coming. Time for ourselves is put at the end of our ever growing to do list. And of course our one-on-one time spent with God is hard to come by. There’s no doubt about it – we are getting more and more busy everyday. We pray as we go about our daily chores and sing our favorite worship song in the shower. We try to keep peace, and make sure that everyone has everything they need and want right when they need and want it. We try to be all things to all people. And honestly, most days we do a pretty good job. Some days though, we feel as if we have failed miserably and crash into bed tired and worn.

Thankfully we serve a God who sees us. Who understands that we’re busy. Who knows that our hearts really do yearn for Him, for our husbands, for our children, and for our friends. He wants us to find rest in Him, and joy in His promises.

The Bible tells us to come together and worship. While we do this most Sundays, it’s important for us to make specific time to worship together as women. We can relate to one another because we are on similar life journeys. We can relax and know that we are a part of a group of women that love God and each other without fear of judgment. We can worship without worrying if our child’s # is going to pop up on the screen because they need us in they Nursery. God wants us to have times that we can lay our burdens down and just look to Him. He wants to nurture us and take care of us. He wants us to nurture and take care of each other.

I’m so looking forward to our time together on Saturday evening (see invitation below). I’ve been praying for 2 months about this night, and for all of the women that will attend. I may not know exactly what women will be with us at this point, but God does and He has a plan for each one of us.

I know that there are many women in our church and community that just need to rest in His presence. Many that are sick and in need of prayer for healing. Many that are discouraged and need to be uplifted. And many more that just feel lost and alone that need to know we have their backs. Incredible things happen when we come together in one accord with no real agenda other than worshipping our amazing God. Come, not with expectations of hearing the most talented musicians, vocalists, and speakers, but with expectations of being immersed in the presence of God. Come to love on Him, and let Him love on you.

womens_worship_invite_1 copy

~ In His Grip ~ Farah



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  1. Wonderful thoughts about these things, Farah! It’s hard to “squeeze out” time for people when we feel the drain of life crowding in…thankfully, we have a God who lives outside of time, and who does miracles. Looking forward to Saturday!

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