God is Speaking. Are Your Eyes Opened to Hear?

sunbeams-luc viatour

If you’re like me, you’re a straightforward person. Nothing has to be complicated about this world. We have eyes to see with. We have a nose to smell with. We have ears to hear with. We think with our brain. The grass is green that is unless you don’t water it. Babies cry. Dogs bark. See? I could just keep going.

Sometimes, though, you would think that in all my simplicity, that I would have no problem hearing God speak. But that’s not the case with me at all. I pray constantly asking to hear God, wondering why I can’t hear Him. Wondering what’s wrong with me? I thought I was listening.

However in all my straining to hear, I sometimes overlook all of the ways His word is pouring out.

The other day, driving to work, I was looking at the trees (and sometimes the road) and it occurred to me that those trees were a product of God’s word. From the beginning of time, God spoke every aspect of creation in to being and it has never stopped. Trees continue to sprout up because His word continues on to this day.The sun still rises and sets.  His creation continues all because of His word. So in other words, I can see His word.

This past weekend, I had found myself questioning again, how I can hear His word. I had heard it, but doubted that I heard it. Again, wondering, how do I get closer to God so I can hear Him? I was deep in this soul inquiry when an older lady, who I had only met once before, randomly told me to keep on following God and He would draw me near. My first instinct was to question this elderly lady and to doubt her words, but I caught myself. I almost missed that one. This time, I literally got to hear His words only they came by way of one of His children.

As we continue on our everyday lives, we see the fulfillment of His prophecy in current events. Being plugged in a thriving church, we get to witness God work in other’s lives and in our own. We witness miracles and healings. Our hearts change. We mature. We grow. In all of this, I get to experience His word.

And even just this afternoon, as I’m on my knees asking God to speak and to help me hear His word. But I hear only the fan going in my room. I look at my Bible, grab it, and open it up. As I did, I heard Him speak. “You have my word right there.” It’s there whenever I want it. I don’t have to strive for it. I just have to reach for it. So, finally, I get to read His word.

We have ears to hear the things of this world, but our listening cannot be limited to the two funny looking organs on the side of our heads. It takes all our senses to be aware of what God is speaking to us. His words are constantly flowing through our experiences, through others, through His creation, and we have His written word at our disposal at any time of the day. He’s speaking right now…are you listening?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God



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