#Encore: God Can

Welcome to the Rhapsody #Encore. On Fridays we will be reposting some of our readers most favorite posts. Todays repost is God Can from September 2013.


flower-through-concreteMy life two and half years ago was a mess!  I did not have a relationship with God at all!  I believed in God but didn’t go to church, nor did my husband, Scott.  Our marriage was a mess!  We were just steps away from a divorce.  I remember Scott and I were sitting at a picnic table at a park waiting for others to arrive for our grandson’s third birthday.  My husband was saying “I’ll pack up my things and move out tonight.”    This was what I was waiting for and when he said those words…it hit me…I didn’t really want him to go, I just wanted things to change, for the better, so I pleaded, “Please don’t go.”

Later, that evening, we talked and I said to Scott “What we need is God in our marriage.”  So I asked my sister to ask her pastor what churches in Loudon, Knoxville and Lenoir City would be good churches to attend.  Each one we went to, Scott would say, “No, I don’t like that one or I don’t like the music.” Then I would say “This was okay, but I don’t like the preacher screaming and jumping up on the tables.”  Finally, I did a Google search for non-denominational churches in Lenoir City and found Canvas Church.  The first Sunday we went, we felt like we were reconnecting with old long lost friends and family, because we felt so loved.

Then God started to work on our hearts and souls. We started going every Sunday and on Wednesday night.  Scott and I started doing devotion each night and praying together, and our lives grew closer together as we grew closer to God.

Then Satan started to attack me with guilt for the things I had done in the past and things done to me even though I had confessed my sin to God and been forgiven, Satan tried to tell me that if Scott knew he wouldn’t love me anymore or if anyone at the church knew they wouldn’t love me either.  Then at a prayer and worship service I spoke and prayed with someone on the prayer team.  When I got home, Scott asked me what I had gone up to pray about and I decided to tell him.  He said without hesitation, “I love you even more now because you could tell me.”    At the last women’s retreat I confessed in my small group and there was no condemnation, only love.  Satan is the one who tells lies to us so we cannot be free in God’s love.

Now, God can use me, because I am listening to Him and not Satan.  What freedom there is in this, to let God be at the helm?   In Philippians 4:13 we read, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”  God has allowed both me and Scott to lead small group studies this Fall and it is a blessing to us to be able to be used by God.  We are being blessed by opening up our home, opening up our hearts to others and they in turn are blessing us with their love for God.

I can’t wait to see where God will take us next, because the last two and half years have been amazing!



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  1. I’m still so incredibly in awe of the way God broke us down and built us back up, like the Six Miklion Dollar Man and Woman, better, stronger, faster, well, maybe not faster, but oh so much better and stronger. My love for my wife has increased proportionately with our love for God, we could not have done this without Him and our faithful Canvas family. And yeah, I love my wife!

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