Lord, Let Your Kingdom Come


I’ve thought a lot recently about all of the horror happening in our world. To be honest, I don’t watch the news often because it causes me to worry and all of the negativity is just down right depressing. However, I know what’s going on. In a nutshell, evil seems to be taking over. It’s always been here, but it’s growing like a rapidly spreading disease. Christians are persecuted, women and children are beaten and used as objects in slave/sex trade, political parties are constantly at each other’s throats, and our own government is creating disasters and confusion to cause us to need it more and more. Everything seems to be falling apart. I hear people praying for peace, for racism and other ridiculous feuds to end, and praying for the grip that evil has on the world to be loosened.

I pray. However, I can’t bring myself to pray for those things. In order for Biblical prophecy to be fulfilled, these terrible things must happen. It’s all part of a bigger plan that we can never completely understand. A God-sized plan that will eventually lead us directly into the safe, beautiful place that He’s preparing for us.

So, I pray. I pray as I always have for the boldness that comes from being filled to overflowing with the power of the Holy Spirit. I pray that in the midst of all of the chaos we will shine for Jesus, and stand on His promises and what we know is true. I pray that we will hear His voice and respond with obedience. And lastly, what I seem to be praying more and more everyday is very simple. In recent days it seems to be the only prayer I can utter, “Lord, let Your Kingdom come.”

God has blessed my Egan with some wonderful gifts. He speaks to Egan, and gives him visions and prophetic words. I always know when God has spoken to him because he comes to me very seriously with a certain look on his sweet face that I can’t describe. Back in October of 2013 Egan walked into my room with a look of great concern, but no fear, and said, “Mama, hell is on the way.” He continued to tell me how we needed to prepare and that we needed to be ready. We prayed, and this message continued to resonate with him for some time. Then in May of this year for several Sundays in a row God was speaking to him during worship at church. The kids sit in the balcony for worship time, so Egan has a view of the entire sanctuary. He felt as though he was brought above everyone and was observing. God told him, “Hell is coming, but Canvas is going to worship anyway. He said that the voices began to sing all together in unison and got louder and louder. The church became so full that there were no chairs and everyone was squished together. Worship continued even though hell was breaking loose outside the building. God said again, “Hell is on its way, but Canvas will hardly notice because you will be focused on Me in worship.”

Amazingly, God gives us glimpses of His Kingdom from time to time. I can just imagine Jesus sitting beside Him urging Him to give us more, and anxiously awaiting the moment when He hears the voice of God telling Him to come rescue us from this wretched place. Our world is being torn apart all around us, but the Kingdom of God is coming! We may have to endure great persecution, but the Kingdom of God is coming! In the midst of great despair we have even greater hope. We just have to keep our eyes focused on the Almighty Creator, and worship anyway. “Lord, let your Kingdom come!”

In His Grip,

~Farah N. Rains~


3 thoughts on “Lord, Let Your Kingdom Come

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  1. The only word that comes to my mind about this is “WOW!!!” I rejoice that Egan is receiving these words and visions from God…surely he will be used in a more significant way in God’s plans than any of us can realize. Certainly our world is spiraling seemingly out of control towards chaotic and rampant evil. We must trust that God IS in control and will intervene when the time is right. He is our only anchor in the storm, just as He always has been. Thank you for this blog!

  2. I get burdened about the state of things and worry too much. When I pray asking God how can I prepare, it seems that the only thing I get back is “focus on Me”. This is so hard for us to do in this society, but we have to. If we can’t learn to focus on Him in the small things, it will be that much harder to focus when the really big things happen. This is a daily intention that we have to start doing NOW. Thank you Farah for sharing and thank you Egan for being obedient to what He’s telling you.

  3. It’s hard not to worry and get discouraged, but I’m like you…I have a hard time praying for things to get better because I know this is what must happen for God’s plan to be fulfilled. This was a great post, Farah! And how awesome that Egan keeps his heart open to what God tells and shows him!

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