Following God’s Purpose

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comLife’s been hectic lately. I worked a job I really couldn’t stand to be in anymore. Daily I prayed for the people working there for their personal lives and their attitudes. There were times when it got better and then there were times when I came close to walking out. In the midst of it, I kept praying. Praying for others and praying for answers.

One particular day, an answer came. It was of course, not the one I was looking for. God told me to quit my job and go back to school in pursuit of my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. This chilled me to the bone. I’ve been working since I was 16 and if I wasn’t working, I was looking for work. Work is apart of my identity as a man. If I’m not working and pulling my own weight, I tend to get depressed and downhearted. And now God was calling me to do just that, well, sort of. He was calling me to a different sort of work. One where I paid to do the work instead of being paid. Needless to say, I wasn’t immediately obedient. I sat on it. I mentioned it to Ashleigh, my wife, and she was not happy. In fact, scared was a better work. And angry. And upset. And the list goes on.

So I put it out of my mind. A small time later, God brought it back up. So after much prayer and discussion, I put in a three week notice. That three weeks came and went. In fact, halfway through, the job actually got better. Things were looking up and for a second I considered staying part-time. I knew I couldn’t. God didn’t call me to that. So I worked my notice and didn’t return.

Since then, I’ve been a stay home person. I clean the apartment; I’m catching up on the long list of things I wanted to read, watch, and write. I sleep in for the first time since perhaps before the turn of the millennium. Oddly, you don’t really know how tired you are until you get completely rested. I’ve gotten my books for school and I’m reading ahead in prep. So that has all been a big adjustment. Our biggest fear was being able to afford our daily things. God’s been blessing us through and through on that front. It was scary to step out onto the water of unemployment and pursuit a degree which most people don’t and fewer achieve. It comes down to the fact that I was called to it. I’ve been, albeit delayed, obedient and God’s been providing.

This isn’t my first call either. Before I was called to go to the jail’s and preach God’s word. It took a while but I finally found a group of men to go and share my call with. The stories I can tell from there are amazing. For more on that, read Scott Boatner’s blog about that. I will say this, when it comes upon you and you’ve been obedient, it’s a tremendous thing. For me, leaving the jail that night, I heard one of the guards speak into his radio and thought it was just a passing phrase, it has stuck with me and will probably continue to stick with me: “Ministers leaving South Hall”. I’m not ordained and I’m not particularly good at public speaking, but that night I was a minister. And now, I am a graduate student who’s passionately pursuing a degree and a license. What’s your call? Who are you going to be?



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  1. Interesting blog, Brad! God directs us in the ways best for His kingdom and for us, even when it appears to be against finite human “good judgment”. I will continue to pray for your heart and your path, including provision, peace, and joy. Thanks for sharing!

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