Jail Visit

3040240402_b02b458a8c  Last night Brad McClain, Steven Buffalo and myself went inside the jail in Loudon County for our third visit.  First off, let me thank all of our Canvas family for their prayers and support. Believe me, we go inside with all of your prayers and the presence of God as our strength.  We again saw the Spirit move on several of the men that we have watched and formed relationships with.  We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s easy to see God in the natural wonder around us; to see Him inside a concrete block room filled with inmates is just staggering.  Every time we have gone, I have wiped tears away in pure joy at the workings of the Holy Spirit.  Just ask Brad and Steven, I’m sure their feelings echo mine. I would like to take this space to thank Pastor David Choate who runs the Chaplains service here. He continues to show us the power of His ministry inside the jail through his dedication and devotion to both God and the inmates.  We could have no better leadership and example than David. He is a strong man of God and a blessing, not only to the inmates and staff at the jail, but to us as well.  We are through with our evaluation and should be receiving our permanent badging soon. This will get us more dates inside and an opportunity to serve with some of the others in this ministry. We couldn’t be more excited.  Just a few short years ago, if you had asked me about going in a jail to give testimony about Christ, I would have respectfully said that I would support anyone else but me. Surely, I had no qualifications that would have put me there.  I was wrong, and I am so blessed that God chose me and put strong men and women (especially Suzanne!) beside me in this ministry. We ask that in your prayer time that you remember the inmates, the staff and the Chaplains service at the jail here and everywhere else.  This has proven such a huge blessing to Brad, Steven, and I.  I continually am reminded of the scriptures referencing “the least of these”, and though too much of society ignores these people, we will not!  God bless you all for your prayers and support. Praise God for the blessings on us and the jail. ~Scott


4 thoughts on “Jail Visit

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  1. The power of God is amazing! What a transformation He has done in my husband and me, and much more to do! I am so excited for the jail and it’s ministry! Praise God!

  2. All of you are wonderful warriors for Christ! Thank you for being Jesus’ willing servants; the fruits are obvious.

  3. I absolutely love your updates on this ministry. It is so exciting to see how God is using you in ways you never imagined. Praying along side of you all as you continue through this journey.

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