Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

39575_1636153392665_2494021_nWhen I look in the mirror I see every flaw. Wrinkles on my eyes, freckles, bumps, pimples, lines, puffy eyes, and cheeks. I see that I am no longer the size I used to be. My hair isn’t right; the roots are showing, and it doesn’t look like those ladies they show in commercials. When my husband looks at me he sees how much more of the women I am than one I used to be. He sees no flaws, only wisdom and beauty. When the world sees me, it sees that I am not quite right. I don’t have expensive clothes. I am not a stick figure, and I haven’t had Botox or any work done to make me societies version of perfect. When my father sees me he sees the little girl I used to be. When God sees me, I am beautiful and perfect. I have no flaws because I am the way he made me. I am clean, wise, a product of undeniable love. When I see me, I see all the things that are wrong. When my husband sees me, he sees what I have become. When the world sees me, they see my imperfections. When my father sees me, he sees who I used to be, but when my God sees me he sees his beautiful creation, his love, what I was, am, and will be. I think a lot of women, especially me, need a new perspective. I want to see me as God sees me. I want to behold the beauty he sees. I don’t need new things to make me beautiful. I need a new perspective. I need God’s perspective of me. Only then will I see my true beauty and potential because beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



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