I Am Found

woman praying silhoutte

Who Me?

Over the last 3 weeks, the God of the Universe has spoken to me so directly and so personally, that I legitimately started to doubt my sanity. The God, who at times seems as distant as the galaxy yet other times feels closer than the very skin I live in, spoke to me. Twice.

This came as a complete shock. My life and especially my home, are not two things that I would define as the holiest of holy places. Seriously, someone is always engaging in one of these things I am going to name and sometimes even simultaneously! Someone is usually crying, pooping, fighting, running, screaming, singing, laughing, dancing on a table, dancing on a siblings face, playing…you get my point. Living life. Living life loud, chaotic and unorganized.

Then our loving, Holy Father, stepped in and spoke.

As to show me, my life does matter. The mundane work I’m doing does count. He does have a place for me in His master design for pursuing humanity. If I will but tune my life, my work, my all to Him.

Now me being the stubborn, hard headed skeptic that I am, chalked this first encounter up to ‘That was totally just me. A selfish desire to pursue flesh…again!’ So he sent an affirmation. I again chalked it up to happenstance. He spoke again. He’s like, ‘Really?! Woman! Child of mine, it’s me, your Father. The one who wants you to abide in me and I in you. The one who wants to do good for you. That pursues you in my plan for Kingdom work. If you will but allow, I will permeate every crevice of your being and use every drop of your life.’

When God personally speaks to you, it puts a desire in your soul to pursue a life that will permit these types of encounters for the rest of your days. At least it has for me. He’s speaking to you today. Will you listen? Will you tune your life to His work? I want to! I challenge you to ask Him, seek Him, and pursue Him, as he is doing the same to you.

Philippians 2:13 – for it IS God who works in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.


Forever His,


2 thoughts on “I Am Found

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  1. Great blog, Kristy! There are times I feel discouraged, and I have to cling to those times that God has so clearly and specifically spoken to me to keep my head in the game. Thanks for the post!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Kristy! I needed this today. It’s wonderful when He speaks to you, isn’t it? There is nothing like His presence…NOTHING. He is so powerful, He even uses US.

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