The Kingdom Of God

Matthew 6:33 “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added.”

Pastor Nick said it perfectly, “The Kingdom of God is anywhere that the rule and reign of Jesus is acknowledged and submitted to.”  The Kingdom of God is here with us, in us, among us.  It is now!!!  But still to come.

But, there’s a whole other kingdom we too often bow to…..the kingdom of darkness.  This is the kingdom that satan rules over.  This is the kingdom that creeps in and takes our lives without us even realizing it most of the time.  We think, “things are great, I go to church, give tithe, help people….I rock!!!”.  All the while God is wondering where are hearts are.

The scary thing for a lot of people is that there is no middle ground.  There’s no….almost there.  You are either submitted one….or the other.  You’re either living a life of worship and submission to God…..or you’re not.  You are either loving as we are called to do….or you’re not.  You’re either submitted to the Kingdom of God…..or the kingdom of darkness.

Where are you?

I love the illustration of diplomatic immunity.  What this means is that any diplomat or ambassador, when entering a foreign country, is not bound by the same laws.  If I, as an american, am traveling to Japan then I carry the laws and beliefs of my country with me.  Wherever I walk…is the United States.  Now as ambassador’s of The Kingdom it works the same way.  There is the kingdom of darkness that rules this world.  But, when we are submitted to Jesus we carry the Kingdom of God with us wherever we go.  Wherever we step the darkness is light.  Wherever we walk the enemy runs.  We are no longer bound by the darkness of the kingdom of satan.  We have the freedom of The Kingdom of God running through our veins.

The Kingdom of God is here!!

Where are you?

Ok, now…the Kingdom is yet to come.  Confused?  “But you said that the Kingdom of God is here”.  Pastor Nick spoke of this on Sunday talking about how we see things from a linear mindset.  Point A ends at point B and that’s that.  The Kingdom of God is HERE….the end.  Our little brains can’t comprehend the fact that the Kingdom of God is here but at the same time is still yet to come.  There will come a day when Jesus will return and the Kingdom of God will demolish the kingdom of satan and we will be free from that darkness once and for all.  The Kingdom of God is yet to come.

Lastly, Pastor Nick made the statement, “As Jesus taught the Kingdom it was shrouded by mystery”.

Maybe we’re not meant to just have it all figured out.  Maybe God wants us to continue to seek Him in this.  He wants us to continue to submit to HIS Kingdom.  It’s a choice we must make everyday.

Is the Kingdom of God foreign to you?

Or is it home?  Are you submerged in it?

Submit to Jesus and carry this Kingdom with you.

~ Jerod

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  1. Thank you for this blog, Jerod. It’s something I needed to focus on today. Oftentimes we try to make God’s reality fit into our terribly finite understanding, and it does not fit! He lives outside of time, whether we view it as linear or circular.

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