Love Your Neighbor

417469_10200764592868075_730683641_nI knew it was a futile effort to jump out of my jeep to catch the papers that was flying in the wind, but I couldn’t just stand there and watch them blow off. They belonged to someone I worked with and I knew they were probably important. Just seconds before I saw them quickly disperse throughout the parking lot and down the street, the lady carrying them had tripped. I second guessed myself because I knew they were too far gone to catch them. However, this woman needed some help. So I jumped out and started running. Another colleague who was closer to the road saw me running and she came to the rescue and was able to catch them. The woman was highly appreciative and the first thing I thought of was “I didn’t do anything. I couldn’t catch them.”

God showed me as I got back into the jeep that whether I was successful or not, wasn’t the point. But in fact, it was the act in itself that meant the most. The act in itself spoke messages of “You are seen” and “You’re not in this alone”. The act in itself was more powerful than the fruit. I couldn’t catch those papers, but I triggered the action of someone else who could. At that moment, I wasn’t in the equation. All too often, we hold back in reaching out to those who need us because we can’t see what we can do to help. Maybe we don’t know what to do or what we can do. Sometimes, it is apparent that we are powerless to fix their problem. However, if we take ourselves out of the equation and simply help even if the situation seems hopeless, our actions speak volumes.




4 thoughts on “Love Your Neighbor

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  1. Good post! Sometimes the effort/act itself means more than the results. And cute kids in the pic. They look like they must have wonderful parents. 😛

  2. Love this post! God tells me the same thing…it’s your heart for it that counts in His book. And yes, those kids have wonderful parents! 😀 ❤

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